Resolve your Wanderlust in 2015

If you find your feet are itching as 2015 gets into its stride, it could be a sign you’d like to travel more. Now whilst there is an outside chance that it is an unintended side-effect of all that extra exercise you’re doing, we’re going to assume for this blog that you’ve developed a case of Wanderlust – an overriding desire to travel and explore.

It’s exactly the sort of urge that can be treated through making a New Year’s resolution to travel more – so in the second of our New Year’s specials we’re going to look at some interesting places for would be globetrotters to begin their rehabilitation…

As this blog is about travel, we won’t pretend for a second that we’re on a budget – this is about dreaming – where you might go and what you might do if your Euro-millions ticket hit the jackpot tomorrow.

And to begin with…


The Football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 have put South America’s largest Country well and truly in the spotlight. In terms of things to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From the obvious – such as a tour of the Amazon Rainforest and sunning yourself on Copacabana beach, to the more unusual – such as eating Pirhana in Manus and swimming in Blue Lake Cave. There are so many sides to Brazil you’ll be hard pushed to choose. You can even take a tour of a Favela – Brazil’s famous slum cities.


Don’t let the larking about in the recent Top Gear christmas special put you off.  Patagonia is renowned as one of the last great wilderness’. So much so that it’s quickly becoming a go-to destination – which means it won’t stay that way for long – so you’d better tick it off your list quickly.

If amateur trekking is your thing then the W-circuit in Chile’s Torres del Paine is the touristy place to start, with plenty of guiding and holiday support services available.


Modern home of rum and the Mojito and famous for cigars, The Republic of Cuba’s recent thawing of relations with the USA settled over 50 years of hostility and sanctions. The largest Island in the Caribbean, Cuba is home to 100 million inhabitants.

Packed with colonial architecture, Cuba is a hotbed of cultures, which have blended together to give it a distinct and vibrant latin feel. Expect to find plenty of salsa dancing, rum based cocktails and golden beaches. Lovers of classic American 50’s cars will also appreciate the Cuban automotive time warp backdrop – which (due to the sanctions) has had to keep these these old vehicles on the road.

But get there quickly, the lifting of U.S. sanctions means that the tourism ante will be upped by Americans looking to vacation on the island.

St Helena

Nestled in the South Atlantic, 5 days boat ride from South Africa and 2000 km from the nearest land, is the UK territory of St. Helena. Probably most famous for being the Island where Napolean was exiled, it doesn’t have an airport (yet – it’s due for completion in 2016) – so is still an exclusive and difficult place to visit.

If you’re into your coffee, you might be interested in trying some of St Helena’s local brew. The island grows and roast only about 12 tonnes per year. The Green Tipped Bourban Arabica plants are reputedly first generation (imported from Yemen in the 1700’s) – so unlike most coffee plants have not been hybridised – so you’ll be drinking coffee that’s about as pure and unadulterated as you’ll find anywhere.

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Round the World? 

If you’re feeling particularly flush you might opt to embark on a round-the-the-world tour, visiting all the places on your must see list.

If you are overseas for an extended period of time you might decide to rent out your flat or home here in London (it might even go someway to paying for your trip). Which means you’ll need storage to keep all your personal belongings and any furniture you don’t want your tenants using safe. Which is where we can help – with a cost effective and convenient storage unit.

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