Skip into a fit 2015

How’s the getting fit New Year’s resolution going? What’s that? You didn’t like the look of the wind and rain this morning and have missed a session. Yep, that’s the problem with this time of year. There are just too many reasons to not keep it up.

Of course, you could subscribe to a gym membership – but we’ve all heard the nightmare stories about those… and how you’re never able to cancel your subscription. So here’s another idea – get fit in your storage unit…

It seems everyone’s at it this January. Getting in shape for 2015 is more popular than ever. You can’t move in London for people exercising.

If you’re the sort that thinks the great British weather is a tad too inclement at this time of year you’ll probably be looking for an indoor space in which to train. But if you’re getting fit on a budget your bank balance might not stretch to a gym membership or health club.

So here’s an alternative – if you’ve got a walk-in storage unit you could turn it into an impromptu workout space. A place where you can exercise – whatever the weather outside – and somewhere you can leave your equipment safe, sound and ready for action.

So if you are considering investing in some a budget storage based  gym equipment – here are a few low-cost apparatus that will make sure your bank balance stays as healthy as you.

Skipping rope.

Up until about 10 years ago it was a favourite in Primary School Playgrounds (and had been for over 100 years). The Skipping Rope is a staple of fitness – from boxers to athletes, from wrestlers to racing drivers. And you can get one in all good sports stores for under a fiver.

If you’re new to skipping here’s one of the most popular tutorials from YouTube. As with lots of things, timing is everything.

Iron Gym workout bar

The JML Iron Gym workout bar is available on Amazon for less than a tenner. £10. It’s a clever piece of kit – and there are exercises for Pull ups, Chin ups, Push ups, Sit ups, Arm and Shoulder work. Judging by the customer reviews and ratings it lives up to the hype too.

Freestanding Punchbag

Boxing is a great way to get fit. Free standing punchbag kits are available for around 100. Shop around and you’ll get the bag, a floor stand, gloves and bandages for around £100. High waisted shiny shorts are optional.

For extra motivation, print out a photo of your least favourite politician and stick it onto your bag. If that doesn’t help you do at least 15 minutes a day, nothing will.

Training Mat

Floorwork is essential for maintaining a good core. And if you know your fitness onions, you’ll know that core strength is at the heart of good fitness. The SKLZ Trainer Mat is kind of a trainer mat and exercise instruction manual all in one – and it’s available for less than £25 on Amazon.

Wii Fit Plus

Remember the Wii – the console that started the active-in-the-living-room revolution back in 2006/07? Well Wii Fit Plus & balance board combo still provides a great range of workouts. Sure – you’d need to sort a monitor and power to your unit, but it’s a cheap way of getting a personal trainer (if you haven’t got one you can get one on ebay for near peanuts)

Row-Row-Row your boat…

…gently down your storage unit – with a Rowing Machine. It’s official (well, it is – at least according to an expert in the Daily Telegraph) – rowing machine’s are great for an all-round workout. They give you a terrific Cardio Vascular workout – whilst also testing the arms, legs, back, shoulders and abs. On top of that you can change the resistance to adjust for speed or power. Not much else comes close.

So, if we see you in our stores next week in your lycra we’ll know you’ve read this particular entry in our blog.

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