Storage, for the long term…

You know that scene in the Italian Job (the original 1969 film – not the 2003 remake) where Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) picks up his Aston Martin from storage? No? Well let us remind you…

It might be car storage, but at over 2 years – it’s definitely a form of long term storage. And back in 1969 self storage hadn’t long been invented in and certainly wasn’t available in the UK.

Now whilst we sincerely hope your need for a storage unit is not because you’re staying at Her Majesty’s Pleasure or you’re heading off to India to shoot tigers (both would mean you’re up to no good) – here’s a little glimpse into some of the reasons why people use self storage in London, for the long term…  

The Archivist

Documents. There are laws that mean you have to keep them. For most it is between 5 & 7 years, whilst for some trades and professions it can be as many as 12. It’s easier these days – with computers and Cloud technology you can store them electronically. But many businesses still rely on good old fashioned paper for invoices, receipts, agreements and such like.

That’s why many businesses have an archivist. Not necessarily someone whose sole duty that is – but it is an employee charged with making sure those essential documents are stored safely, securely and properly categorised.

You can tell the archivist, they’ll be the one pushing a trolley stacked with carefully labeled Archive boxes, meticulously recording what is staked where in the storage unit – just in case. They’re normally well dressed, because they are meticulous about everything.

The Retailer

If you’re in retail you’ll need somewhere to store your stock. Ideally – due to the ebb and flow of the retailing year – that’ll be space that’s flexible. A storage facility that expands and contracts both physically and financially based on you need. Something like one of our storage units – where you only pay for the days you stay and you can move to a bigger or smaller unit as you need with very little notice.

More often than not the experienced retailer will rock up in their van, and with the precision an speed of a special forces unit load up with precisely enough stock to fill it. Not a box too many or a box too few, then they’ll be off to open the shop. Contrary to what you might think, not all of them wear aprons.

Purveyors of Pre-owned

eBay has revolutionised home business. Anyone can be a shopkeeper and people all over the world are making money out of online shops for second hand, nearly new and BNWT stuff. From toys to records, needlecraft to car parts – the range of online shops is as diverse as the world we live in. Savvy eBay shop owners know that having a decent variety of stock is key to a good online business. They need somewhere to keep it all – because whilst the business might begin at home it won’t be long before it has outgrown the living room, bedroom – or whatever room the stock is being stored in.

You’ll spot the online seller – they’re more hoodie than vaheusen, more levis than chinos. Trading online means they can keep things casual. Or you might not spot them, because they’ll be making the most of our offer to help with delivery and despatch of post and shipments.

The Traveller

If you’re heading off overseas for an extended period of time (maybe for work, maybe for pleasure) you might be looking for somewhere to keep the stuff you won’t be taking with you. A place you can lock it all away and forget about it – reassured in the knowledge that it is safe and secure – so you can enjoy your adventure.

There’s no formula for the traveller. From the sophistication of a young-gun city professional who is off to do a stint in Dubai for 18 months, to a backpacker excitedly clutching their ticket for a summer of inter-rail adventure, or even the retired couple who have decided to take the new motorhome on an extended trip across Europe to sample the grape harvest and enjoy some winter sun on the coast of Spain.

The Downsizer

The economic crunch of the past few years has seen lots of people decide to downsize. Moving out of a larger property and buying smaller, thereby freeing up some of their capital to enjoy life. But that means that you might have stuff that you want to keep, which you need to find storage for. One of our self storage units could have been designed specifically for that purpose.

The downsizer can usually be seen at the wheel of a very practical vehicle – something like a Skoda Roomster – that they can fit everything they need in, but makes perfect economic automotive sense. They’ll normally be wearing something smart and high quality, but not in your face big brand.

We have offers for long term storage, so if you need storage for the long-haul, contact us in store to find out more.