Upcycled Furniture – #2

Last year we blogged about the rise of up-cycling and in particular clever storage furniture. So with lots of you deciding to include being tidier and decluttering – along with doing more with less – in your New Years resolutions, we thought it was time for a follow-up.

So if you’re craving some inspiration for a bit of 2015 creativity with furniture, then you might want to read on… 

Sewing Table/Mini-Bar

By day you might be a demon seamstress and by night a glamorous hostess. But there’s no small sense of irony that those two disciplines go hand-in-hand: you’ll be able to make yourself a truly unique and stunning party frock which you can then be the belle of the ball.

So how about this Sewing table-come-mini-bar? Yup – the sewing table lends itself equally well to being a distribution point for your party beverages. Designed by Courtney Odell of C Designs (there’s quite a lot of inspiration here), it is even lined with a washing up bowl so you can fill it with ice for the cold-ones…

If that old sewing table is hard to come by, then used tyres are far more ubiquitous – so how about this rustic looking ottoman coffee table? Granted, there’s a fair amount of effort in putting one together – but the end result it surely worth it for something a bit different?

You might not believe it – but in the middle of it all is an old tyre – so the basic ingredients should be easy enough to some by. You’ll also need some rustic rope and plywood to make the framework from. If you like the look of it – head on over to the While They Snooze blog for the full instructions – and a photo walk through.


The pick up truck is the vehicle of choice for most farmers, tradesmen, caravan and boat owners. Its practicality, load carrying ability and robust construction makes it popular with everyone who needs a truly multi-purpose vehicle.

But here’s an idea for truck based furniture. If you’ve a long enough wall, and know of a pick up truck that’s about to head to the great scrapyard in the sky, then a fold-out-desk is a great use for an old tailgate. With rooms in smaller London flats needing to be as multi-pupose as the pick up trucks that inspired this piece of furniture, this is a great solution. A desk when you want one, but not when you don’t.

Your only problem might be finding a tailgate – remember the Top Gear legend – Toyota Hilux…?

The ‘Above the Stairs’ void

bedroom_cupboardNo – it’s nothing to do with Star Wars or Doctor Who – this is just some clever use of dead space to make additional storage for a bedroom. Next time you are descending your stair case (assuming you have one) look up. Is there a big space above and in front of you?

If there is it might be ripe of some clever storage. Install some shelves in the space and cut a hole through the wall of an adjoining bedroom. Fit a sliding cupboard door (so it doesn’t intrude into the room) and hey presto – extra cupboard space.

In terms of up cycling – you could use reclaimed wood for your framework and an old door (paint it to look distressed) for the sliding cover.  Or if it’s for a child’s room you could add a giant wall vinyl like this lego one…


We’ll be back in a few weeks with more up cycling gems for you to enjoy and inspire you.

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