Comparing Self Storage Prices

pricepromise2colLook at any self storage company and they’ll tell you they have the cheapest self storage in London. But they can’t all have the lowest price – so how do you compare costs when weighing up where to take out rental of a self storage unit?

If you’re on the hunt for cheap storage units in London, then you’re sure to find this particular blog entry useful. It’s our insiders guide on how to compare prices, terms and conditions so that you can be confident that when you make your decision you really have bagged yourself some cheap self storage…

Before you sign your storage agreement, ask yourself if you really are getting the best deal? Are you totally sure that the prices you’ve been quoted don’t come with any hidden extras or unexpected costs? From minimum storage term to price guarantees, notice periods and little extras – here’s how to to be sure you’re making a savvy storage choice.

Price Guarantees

All the major providers (ourselves included) offer some form of price guarantee – at ABC Selfstore we promise to match any like for like quote. Like for like usually means any quote for a unit of around about the same square footage in a self storage facility that’s in a similar geographic location. If you were to compare prices in Southwark with Camden and Islington for example, you’d find that as demand in the more central borough is higher, storage rental prices tend to be too.

You would think it would pay then to shop around – and it is certainly an essential first step. Ultimately though you could end up with 2 or more providers all price matching on what each maintains is the cheapest storage in London. If you’ve done the job properly they’ll each be matching the best price.

Check Terms and Conditions

But Price promises are not the full story. Having done the legwork on achieving matched prices doesn’t tell you who will offer the cheapest London storage in the long run. For that you need to scrutinise the terms and conditions.

Minimum Storage Term

Comparing minimum storage terms is essential to avoid an unexpected sting in the tail at the end of your agreement. Most self storage companies make it a week – which means that any part week you haven’t used you’ll still end up paying for. Some make it a month, which can mean a large and unnecessary bill. With the most competitive and reasonable (such as ourselves) there is no minimum term – you’ll only pay for the days you are actually using your storage unit. It also means that if you want storage just for a few days (perhaps if you’re moving flat) you can keep costs down.

So the golden rule here is to seek out the shortest minimum rental term.

Notice on move out

Similar to minimum storage terms are notice periods. Commonly they’re a week as well. That means when you’ve finished with your storage unit and no longer need the space you have to give the company a weeks’ notice before they’ll cancel your contract. Some might roll that on to the Minimum storage term – so you could end up shelling out for almost two weeks. Scrutinise this too – because you will find storage providers who require no notice on move out – you can just rock up, move your stuff out and say you’re done. We should know, because that’s how it world with us.

Customer Service and little extras

Cheap isn’t everything. Whilst they might seem small and insignificant, little extras can count. If the staff are welcoming, warm and friendly the storage experience will be much more enjoyable. If you’re a business do they offer a reception and despatch service for your post and shipments? Do they offer decent tea, coffee and complimentary refreshments? And in your connected world is there free wifi that you can access to keep up to date? Ultimately it’s your decision , but to get a feel for the service you’ll receive we suggest you pop in and visit a few different providers – especially going to be accessing your unit regularly.

So – if you’re comparing self storage in a bid to get the cheapest storage deal in London – make sure you really are comparing everything.