Have you met your Waterloo with Luggage?

Baggage, we need it, but it is such a drag. Getting around London with anything more than a satchel can become an experience in annoyance, frustration and stress. Lugging baggage down escalators, into taxis, on and off of trains, planes and (potentially) boats could make you want to do a Napoleon and simply surrender. Of course for most people – apart from arrival and departure day – you’ll be leaving it in your hotel. But there are circumstances when that might not be possible. So if you’re coming in by train to London Waterloo and you don’t want to meet your metaphorical luggage nemesis of the same name, then our look at leaving luggage in London might be of interest…


Waterloo is the London’s busiest railway station, with over 94 million passengers a year passing through (2011-12). That’s quite some footfall. Which means it’s also quite some bagfall. If we assume that the average number of bags per person is 2, it’s 188million items of baggage. Of course, a high proportion of those stuff laden peeps won’t need somewhere to store their bags, as they’ll be commuting in and commuting out, whilst others might be lucky enough to have a London flat for the working week. But a significant proportion will be visitors. Folk who are in London for a relaxing break or short-term work event such as meetings at the London office or a conference or trade show. Yup. London has a lot of trade shows.

For most, hotels and accommodation will be the place you keep your baggage whilst you are here, but a growing number – under a variety of circumstances – might need somewhere else to store stuff whilst they’re in town. From the business traveller who’s here as a delegate to the holidaymaker using London as a base from which to explore Europe, there’ll always be a need for somewhere to put some of the luggage.

But you won’t find self-service storage lockers at UK railways stations these days – largely due to the security risk they pose. What you might find is left luggage services. You’ll have to shell out per item and – as you’d expect – pay premium prices for premium locations such as King’s Cross. But as they’re on the station concourse what you lose in cash, you’ll gain in convenience. But what if you’re on a tight budget, or have lots of items? There is another way of doing it – a self storage locker at one of our 3 London locations in Southwark, Wandsworth or Camden.

With a storage locker or unit, you rent the space (they’re available in different sizes depending on what you need) regardless of how many items you’ve got to fit in. So what you lose in just-off-the-station-concourse convenience, you gain in money in your pocket to spend on an evening out in London, or a collection of Union Jack tea towels and mugs.

It’s a great solution of you’re coming in to London, spending a few days here, before jetting off to see other parts of Europe – where you need to travel light. It’s equally brilliant if you are here on business – maybe for that all important annual trade show – and have some display hardware that you need to keep safe pre and post event.

Most self storage companies insist on a minimum weeks’ rental – so you’ll pay for 7 days even if you only need 3. At ABC we’ve always taken a different fairer approach – we refund any days you’ve paid for but not used. We’ve also require no notice on move out, when you no longer need your space. Other companies usually insist on 7 days. That makes our self storage massively flexible if you’re not quite sure just how long you’ll be in London.

If you are about to visit our fair city and are going to need some extra storage space give us a call. We can most certainly help.