It’s official, London’s most expensive for office space…

Spring in LondonDecent storage is an essential resource for any business in London. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new startup working from your kitchen or a multinational corporate, employing several thousand people. Whichever way you cut it, space is definitely at a premium in our humble capital city. Let’s expand… (metaphorically, not literally, the planning department probably wouldn’t allow that).

In fact Cushman Wakefield’s “Global Office Space Across the World report” charts office space in London as the most expensive anywhere during 2014. With an occupancy cost of £2122 per sq ft per year – London’s West End topped the list by some margin: Hong Kong, in second place, is ‘just’ £1422.

The second problem the report highlights is that the London market is mature – and there is very little additional capacity being built or becoming available. That means prices will stay high as tenants stay put and vacant space is snapped up quickly.

With such expensive space many businesses are left struggling for room. Staff are crammed into open plan offices and every available broom cupboard is chocabloc with stuff. So, if you run a business, how do you create more space and use it?

If you’re a fledgling startup, you might decide to operate your business from home. You’ll likely end up with a similar problem though. Your apartment might have enough room for living in, but add a few boxes of stock – or files of paperwork – and you’ll quickly run out of room.

If you’re an established business it may feel like the only option is to buy more square footage – but at those monster London rates that’s quite a commitment.

Well – to blow our own trumpet – that’s where we come in.  For all the stuff that comes with running a business (that you don’t have room for and don’t need in front of you every minute of every day) then self storage is a properly cost-effective solution.

Rental of a storage unit is considerably cheaper than full-blown office space, and if you seek out providers like ourselves you’ll be able to benefit from some flexible terms and conditions – like Price Promises (we promise to match any cheaper like-for-like quote), only paying for the days you stay (we have no minimum term) and no notice on move out (we don’t require any notice when you want to leave, so you won’t end up paying for time you’re not going to use).

Of course, it’s not a space where your human workforce can regularly work – but it will free up space in your workplace so that the team have a better environment for working in. And you know what they say about a happy environment making a happy workforce.  

Now, if you’re saying to yourself “what on earth is self storage and how does it work?’ (and research has shown that 70% of the UK public don’t know much about self storage) then may we point you in the direction of or our really rather helpful Beginners guide to self storage. It’ll tell you everything you need to know – all the Ins and Outs of Self Storing – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Once you’ve got your head round that – and realised just what a brilliant concept it is – give us a call and speak to one of our storage advisers. They’ll be able to help you estimate how much space you’ll need so you can free up room at your business premises.