More Elbow Room for business.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – retail, services, trades – space usually ends up being an issue. Have you ever come across a business owner in London that says, “I’ve got all this spare space that I don’t know what to do with…”?


No, neither have we. But then we probably wouldn’t because we’re in the business of helping businesses who are bursting at the seams. The sorts of folk who graze their entrepreneurial elbows every time they try and make a phone call or clatter the chair of the colleague behind when they roll back to stretch that keyboard hunch out of their arms and neck.

So here’s some information on how our business self storage can help London based operations make more room. Admittedly it’s not our usual weird and wonderful musings about the world of London business self storage – it’s a bit more promotional than that. But hey, we’re in business to help people make space, and we’re proud of the job we do. So here it all is in a nutshell.

If you need business storage in London what do you do?  You could find a new premises  – but that’s usually an expensive proposition, involving costly moving, business disruption and change of address – none of which is ever good for your clients.

You could rent a second premises – but having two sites is not great for staff and there’s an inefficiency with time taken moving between buildings. Plus your customers might get confused if they’re expected to visit both sites. Then there’s the headache with facilities and having to run dual sets of utilities.

If you can find one, you could rent yourself a lock-up down the street, but how secure will it be – both for you and your staff?

One professional and practical answer to all your space problems is a business storage solution with us. Our London business self storage is a flexible way to create more space, without committing to a long term lease or expensive office square footage. It’s flexible because you can rent as much or as little space as you need.

As business storage solutions in London go it’s hard to find a more sensible option. Our units are all safe and secure – with swipe card entry and round the clock CCTV. Plus there’s complimentary refreshments on tap to keep your people refreshed.

From retailers who need space for stock – before it goes on shelves, stalls and ebay, to professional services needing archive space, or traders who need somewhere to keep tools. Our London business storage is suitable for them all. So if you’d rather not risk leaving the tools in the van, haven’t got enough space out back for that new range of thingimywotsits or are just up to your armpits in paper-work that you can’t put through the shredder. Then our business storage in London is well worth considering. With stores in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark we’re well placed to help your with your business self storage needs in London.

Find out more over on our website, give our stores a call or pop in and see us.


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