Furniture for Storage – Upcycling #3

It’s time for another look at clever upcycled furniture. Furniture that’s morphed into something altogether more useful from a basic hulk of old or seemingly obsolete homewares.

So read on for some more ideas where creative alteration, decoration and inspiration come together to create furniture that’s both useful and attractive…

Bird Cage Dresser

Whist we’re never sure about keeping bird’s in cages, this converted dresser might provide some inspiration for other pets. The panels and doors have been replaced by mesh, to give a light and airy place for these feathered pets to enjoy. The height gives plenty of opportunity for perches and (if you’re using it for some other species of small furry animas) runs, wheels and tubes.

 The Pew Headboard

Aptly named Faith Buss – a reader of American website Design Sponge – created this terrific headboard from an old Church Pew.

By cutting out a central width of the bench seat and fitting castor wheels, Faith’s creation is a practical and a great use of a redundant piece of furniture.

The remaining ends of the bench become handy integrated shelves, whilst the seat back provides a perfect sloped back rest – that’s just perfect for sitting up to biblically briliant breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.

 Entertainment Centre Laundry

The advent of Flatscreen TV’s iPad, iPods and whole music collections stored on a hard-drive – has meant that the traditional lounge based entertainment centre has become a thing of the past.

Which means that there are plenty of them available to up-cycle into something more useful. Originally shown on Better Homes and Gardens, here’s one that’s been transformed into a far more useful Laundry storage facility.

From the drip drying rail, to the cubby for conditioners – it’s got a handy place for everything. It’s great re-use of an obsolete piece of furniture – if you’re making your own you don’t have to restrict your ideas to the laundry.

 Suitcase Chest of Drawers

Originally created by artist and upcyling reworker James Plumb, these suitcase drawers would make an interesting out-of-the-ordinary addition to any London pad.

We wonder if there is another idea here… if you have a flat in London, and travel back to a weekend pad (or overseas) then how about lift out suitcases. You wouldn’t have to pack/unpack them at the beginning and end of each week. You simply slide out, close the lid and pop in the car. Who knows, it could be a next step for a car manufacturer – tailored luggage for your car that’s also tailored for your London flat.

Palette Coffee Table

Palettes are plentiful and cheap. But a coat of paint a cushion and some brightly coloured webbing straps can make three of them into a funky chunky footstool.

Working best on a hard flooring, the palette pouffe is worthy of any Trucker’s sunday off – as a refuge on which to put your feet up and watch the day’s sport.


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