Ingenious Storage Solutions – Royal Baby Special

So will it be a boy or a girl? Will the bookmakers lose a fortune on Alice or Albert? Or make a killing on Kylie or Jason? With the birth of the Royal Baby imminent, we thought it was time for a special Royal Baby edition of our Ingenious Storage Solutions serial feature. So here we go then – as we head to the nursery – to take a look at clever storage for new additions to the family, (that’s storage for their stuff, not for them, obviously).

Of course, we’re not all fortunate enough to have a big apartment in a Palace in Kensington, but when it comes to a new baby it doesn’t really matter if you live in a castle or a caravan. You’ll love your little bundle of joy unconditionally regardless of the level of grandeur it’s born into.

But in 2015 babies come with an awful lot of kit. Stuff that’s designed to make life easier, more convenient and healthier. That’s a good thing, but it also means you’ll have to make room for it. So let’s kick off with a little organisation.

Score Drawer

When your 3 month old has a sniper-on-board (that’s daddy code for a full nappy) you’ll need to know exactly where the wipes and fresh nappies are. The longer you have to rummage around to find them, the more uncomfortable your little one will become. And (if you’ve been there) you’ll know that’s not good for anyone.

To avoid some serious tears and noise, you need to lay your hands on the disposables with the precision of an A-Team special build. Some Ikea Skubb series drawer organisers will make life a whole lot easier. Wetwipes, sudocrem and nappies can all be sorted neatly so they’re available in a timely and orderly fashion.

A Toy Zoo

Cuddly toys can take over a nursery. But there are lots of storage solutions for them – from hammocks to baskets (and beyond).

But if you’ve got some scrap wood lying around and are handy with a hammer – then how about knocking up a Toy Zoo? It’s a cage you can mount on the wall. drop the toys in the top and as your little darling gets up on their feet they can pull toys to from the bottom – and when it comes to tidying up you just drop them back in the top.

We wonder how many cuddly toys the Prince or Princess will be sent as ‘welcome to the world’ presents. Now, if the Royal Household do decide to knock up a Toy Cage we’d expect it to be more English Oak than orange box softwood offcuts, but whatever wood it might be made of it’s bound to prove useful.

Sk8r Boi Shelves

Parental inspiration comes in many guises. So if you’re a parent who wants to encourage your child to be active and sporty, then how about these skateboard shelves? They’ll be especially cost effective if the arrival of your newborn means that you’re hanging up your helmet and elbow pads for good. All you’ll need is some  right angled brackets on which to mount your decks. We wonder what graphics a young Prince or Princess might put on theirs? The Royal Standard, a Union Flag or perhaps the crest of the Duchy of Cambridge. Whatever they decide, here’s hoping we see them shredding across Hyde Park some time in the future.

So, will it be a girl or a boy? An Albert or an Alice? We’ll wait to see, but we hope these clever storage ideas for nursery provide some inspiration.

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