Self Storage Insurance – Improving Service and Saving Time

Your stuff is important to you, which stands to reason really – if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have it and wouldn’t need somewhere to store it. That importance you have might come from financial value, recreational enjoyment or even sentimental attachment.

In much the same way as you would insure the contents of your home, all reputable storage operators advise that the stuff in your unit is covered too. Insurance for self storage isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t one size fits all either. It needs to be be tailored to the storage specifics. With it in place you have the assurance that – should something unthinkable happen – you will be compensated. So how does insurance for self storage units work – and why do most providers (ourselves included) insist you take theirs?

Whilst it is extremely unlikely, self storage insurance will cover your stuff should something happen to the facility where you choose to store your stuff. It means that all your items have some form of cover and you’ll be compensated should they be lost or damaged. You will have to do a little homework – you’ll need to know the approximate value of the goods you are going to store.

You might think that your home contents policy will provide adequate insurance for self storage anything you want to put in your unit – but that’s not always the case. In fact it is increasingly rare, with very few insurance companies extending their policy to cover insurance for storage. It’s not surprising, because it is hard for them to evaluate the additional premises they are insuring as security and access differ between companies and locations.

Another possible option would be to organise an additional policy yourself – but you’ll need to relay a whole heap of information about the storage premises to your insurer. Location, floor size of unit are generally easy…  but will a storage company wish to share finer details about their security arrangements with you? It also means that each customer has to spend far longer on paperwork, which isn’t great for them and has an impact on staff efficiency and customer service for the business.

It’s why you’ll find most operators offer a bespoke storage facility insurance package. Almost always it’ll be backed by specialist self storage insurance companies. ‘In house’ insurance of this type means that the insurance company underwriting the policy already know and understand the location and security setup. From every perspective – customer and self storage provider – it makes sense.

The customer gets as hassle free an experience as possible and can be confident they have a policy which will cover the belongings they are storing. Likewise – the storage provider can also be sure the customer has a robust policy that is up to the job, and they are ensuring that the customer experience is as fast and efficient as possible.

Of course, it’s up to each self storage company to choose the insurance underwriter and whether they mark-up any insurance fee. At ABC Selfstore we make sure we’ve got cast-iron policies from well trusted and established insurance companies. Plus – as well making sure we offer the best – we extend our price promise to our self storage insurance. So you are guaranteed the best price on your storage insurance too.

Check out our Self Storage Insurance FAQ for more information.

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