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You can’t move at the  moment for positive stories about the economy being properly on the mend, how we all have more money in our pockets and more people than ever are (metaphorically) singing hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go…

Working from home

In amongst all that good news, Enterprise Nation’s 2014 Home Business report puts the figure of self employed people at nearly 5 million, with a whopping 4.6 million of them having self employment as their main occupation. Even more staggering is that 2.1 million of them are home based – or Homepreneurs – to use the correct vernacular.

If you’re buoyed by the upturn and thinking of taking the plunge into operating a home business, this blog – in the words of Kylie and Jase – is especially for you… The internet and the advent of eCommerce has changed the face of home business for ever. Popular recognisable sites like Amazon marketplace and eBay – along with private eCommerce stores – all mean it’s easier than ever to sell online.

What used to be the reserve of a few local mum’s hosting parties for tupperware or handing out make-up orders at the school gate is now worth over £300 Billion to the UK economy. People start home businesses selling everything and anything. Vinyl records, greetings cards, models, clothing, toiletries, car parts, bikes, surfboards, even hair bobbles.

If you think of something you need, want or like, the chances are someone is selling it online. Of course some things – like music – can be bought digitally, are available instantly and the only space they take up is a few megabytes.

Senior male working in home office

Over the past 15 years, our whole approach to shopping has changed, we can order from the convenience of our smart phone, and our purchase shows up – at worst – a few days later.

But those physical things that arrive in the mail require physical space. Which means that the people selling them have to have somewhere to keep their stock. That’s fine whilst the home business is in its infancy and that stock is just a few boxes in the living room.

But what happens as your business gets into it’s stride? You’ll need more stock to meet demand. Which means that having everything in home might get a bit too much. If you’ve reached that point in the growth of your business how do you make more room for stock without breaking the bank?

Most home businesses operate on a shoestring budget – so any expansion of space to store stock has to be cost effective and flexible – giving you the opportunity to give it up if you really need to.

That’s where self storage with ABC Selfstore really can’t be beaten. No other storage solution allows you to increase or decrease the space you require as you need to. No other storage solution allows you to pay just for the days you stay and no other storage solution let’s you move out there and then if you do decide you no longer need the space.

So if you’re contemplating an eBay shop, your own corner of Amazon Market place or even a bespoke full-blown eCommerce store, then think equally hard about your logistics. And of you need space for your stock, get in touch.


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