Creating The Ultimate Workspace.


Whether you’re working from home, studying or simply need your own space to organise your busy life, an office can provide the perfect retreat.

However, getting your office just right is crucial if it’s to be the perfect place to study, read or simply to let your creative thoughts flow.

Offices of old lacked inspiration, renowned for having once-white walls and peeling wallpaper, they came complete with wonky desks and ten year old computers in the corner of the room that “can’t” be thrown out, even though they would take half the day to switch on. Nowadays, the office has evolved to be a must-have feature for any modern home and one that has the potential to be the most stylish, original room in the house. After all, if this is where you want to be productive, the room itself should feel dynamic.

No matter how big or small, any space can be transformed into the ultimate office. It should be the room that motivates people to get up in the morning, and prepares them for a productive day ahead.

Too many people struggle to get up for a 9-5, but picture working in a big, open, well-lit room with no distractions, that’s only steps away.

The first step to achieving the ideal work space is to declutter, this could be anything from last month’s celebrity gossip magazine, games consoles and the biggest distraction of all – the mobile phone. It’s all too easy to ‘glance’ at your phone, even just to check the time, but before you know it, all you’ve done is read your Twitter feed and nosey at the latest Facebook updates.

Workspace décor is fundamental in achieving a productive day, especially for those who work at home. Use calming colours on the walls, such as duck-egg blue, soft greys and ivory’s to create the perfect atmosphere and add personal touches, like photo frames and small memorabilia to make it comforting. Remember, a work place shouldn’t be miserable or an anti-social area, but don’t overload it with too many homely items, or it can be hard to differentiate between home and work.

Stock up on basic office needs, like staplers, scissors, a hole punch and pens so you don’t have an excuse to keep leaving the office! Consider installing a coffee machine in the room, for a treat throughout the day and for the much-needed caffeine kick at 9am on a Monday!

Office comfort is key. If the room is big enough, keep a big comfy chair in the corner as you’ll need somewhere away from your desk to think and read. A desk should be big enough to hold all the office essentials without feeling cluttered and cramped whilst your desk chair shouldn’t cause any discomfort or back ache, as this can affect work performance. If need be, research what sort of furniture suits you and would maximise comfort during office hours. If you’re feeling especially generous and want to treat yourself, invest in ‘special’ office comfort.

Here at ABC Selfstore, we’re a huge fan of the Zoe chair – an exceptionally comfy blend between a bean bag and lounge seat! Creating the ultimate office can easily be achieved if you put your mind to it. Everyone works differently so it is essential to adapt the workspace to suit your individual work ethic. If this is done, then your office will be an enjoyable work space and a great place to retreat to when you don’t want to be disturbed!

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