Storage Gadgets – #2

Righty ho, it’s time for another look at storage gadgets. And this month we thought we’d plump for those Bond-esque little objects where things aren’t always as they seem. They might not be quite in the same league as Mr B’s Aston, but they might be enough to make you go, Oh, cool, I wasn’t expecting that… just for a second.

Objects like the Spy Bolt that we in-da-Q-stylee briefed you on a little over a year ago.  So if you’re a budding secret agent (or are just looking for some interesting out of the ordinary places to keep stuff) this one’s for you…

Tick, tock, Kitchen Clock

Tick tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. Looks just like an ordinary, run of the mill clock, doesn’t it?  But see beyond the face and you’ll find it’s no standard wall clock. This one has a secret hiding behind its face.

And the secret is – a storage compartment – which is the perfect hidey-hole for your valuables. Your smart phone, the keys to the Aston, Seamaster Watch and pen light can all live safely, in plain sight.

The best thing is that this one’s not a secret service prototype stashed in the vaults of MI6 in Vauxhall. Nope, it’s available on Amazon for a more than reasonable £5.97, and that’s with free delivery.

Hand Me Down that Can’o Beans

Nope, it’s not an empty prop from a scene in Paint your Wagon or Blazing Saddles, we’re still with the bond-like cubby’s. This one’s shaped like a bona-fide can of beans. You can hide it amongst the supplies in your cupboard. Just make sure you don’t end up with keys-on-toast for your dinner.

It’s available over on for the bargain price of £4.22.

That Spare key Rocks, Man!

If you’re the kind of person who is always losing your house key, you might be concerned about leaving a spare under the door mat, or the plant pot on the porch. Never fear, the Garden Key Safe Rock is here. Quite simply it’s a rock you can leave in your garden and hide your key in.

Of course, if you live in London, you might not have any kind of garden to leave a rock in. If that’s you, the chances are that you don’t have space for much else either.

Whatever your circumstances (from secret agent to street-wise exhibitionist) if you do find yourself in need of extra space – and more than you’ll find in these safe storage gadgets – then a storage unit with us might be just the job. You can’t store your Walther PPK in it though.

Feel free to roll up in your Aston and Tuxedo and walk through our reception in that super-butch Daniel Craig style, turning to say “Good Morning” in a quintessentially English accent.


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