Dad’s Day: Dawning Soon

Fathers day

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This coming Sunday is an important day in a Dad’s calendar. Yup, you’ve guessed it, it’s fathers day. So what will you be doing to celebrate the generosity and genius of the Alpha-male in your family? A meal out? A shoot-em-up movie on the home-ent system? A civilised cream tea by the river?

Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it’ll be fitting and he’ll love it, but if you’re stuck for a gift – maybe our humble blog can help. Because for this one we’re nailing our dad-radar instincts to the mast – and suggesting the three top presents you could give the big bloke this fathers day. We’ve divided them up into Budget, Mid-Range < Luxury and (for Russian Oligarch types) Super-Luxury. We’ve also tried to provide a bit of variety – it is as they say – the spice of life.

Budget Fathers Day Gift – Dad’s Best Gift Box

For most families, father’s day is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate Dad. It’s not about big exorbitant gifts. It’s about showing dad how much you appreciate all the things he does for you. From going out to work, to catching spiders, painting your bedroom or building a den. Not on the High Street have got the solution – a small gift-box set of Dad appreciation cards. Choose from 10 or 20 cards in the set and personalise each with your own choice of Dad is Best note. Price: From £13

If you’re on a real shoestring budget you could cut up some card and spend time making and writing them yourself. Trust us, your Dad will appreciate it.

Mid-range Fathers day Gift – Sports Lesson

Dad’s canoe, golf clubs, ski boots, roller blades – are they stuck away in the garage or the family storage unit? If, like most Dad’s, he’s got all the gear, but no skill, time or motivation to use them – how about getting him a lesson.

If he’s got a canoe that is rarely used, Canoe lessons can be found in the heart of London. In fact, there are over 60 canoe clubs in the capital. A One-day BCU One Star course (novice) with Westminster Boating Base runs from 10am to 6pm. As a general rule courses are once a month, but you can find out the full schedule on the WBB websitePrice £75

For skiing there are a few dry-ski slopes dotted around greater London  – a 55 minute private lesson at Sandown, Esher, for example costs £59 

If Golf is more Dad’s thing, there are plenty of opportunities to get him professional help to improve his tee-off, swing, and drive. The Central London Golf Course is a stone’s throw from Wandsworth Common. 4×1 hour improves lessons are yours (well, Dad’s) for £55. Find out more at the CLGC website 

If your Dad once wobbled about Hyde Park on that pair of Roller Blades he always wanted – only to put them to the back of a cupboard never to be seen again – then a Roller Lessons might be a nice surprise. SkateScool offer beginners lessons on Sunday’s, 9am – 12pm. Find out more on the Skatescool website.  The ‘Crash’ Course (it’s their description) costs £50. 

Super Luxury Fathers Day Gift – Butchery Course

Maybe it’s a man thing, but most Dad’s like a good lump of steak for dinner. It’s probably a genetic throwback to our hunter-gatherer days, but griddling a side of beef does make a man feel like a man. So how about a butchery course?

A 2hr Hands-on session with a Master Butcher is available at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa. Choose from Chicken and Lamb Chopping, The Whole Hog (Pork) or (sure to be dad’s Favourite) Beefed Up. Dad will get to bring all the cuts home to cook, just ignore him if he eats it with his bare hands and shouts Ug. ‘BEEFED UP’ Masterclass costs £225

Super Luxury Fathers Day Gift – Lily

It’s a well known fact that Dad’s love gadgets – and the more cutting edge the better. Perhaps it’s part of the genetic make-up that they frequently have to find time in the Man-Cave to thrash out some riffs on the guitar, conjure up a tune on garage-band or edit a movie they’ve captured earlier on the Go-Pro (and then put all three creative pieces together for their YouTube channel).

So here’s something so new you can’t physically get one yet – they’re only available as a pre-order. Called Lily, it’s a camera that follows you. Think Robot Go-Pro and you won’t be far off. So the next weekend ride out to the Forest with the family, your 2016 ski holiday – or even the next time the old man goes to shred up the skate park – can all be caught on digital film by Lily.

Pre-order $529 (from the USA)

Finally… there’s one more gift you could give Dad – and it won’t cost a thing. Time-off in the Man-cave to do all that man-stuff like drinking beer, watching sport, listening to his fave tunes and (probably) some secret dad-dancing. Whatever you choose, we hope he has a terrific day.


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