Have a smashing time this Wimbledon…


Get your tennis rackets ready, it’s that time of year again… the start of the Wimbledon Championships. For two weeks, our TV screens will be broadcasting the biggest sporting event of the summer, so sit back and enjoy – unless of course you’re lucky enough to be sat in the centre court watching all the action as it unfolds!

During Wimbledon, the UK becomes exceptionally patriotic as the nation seeks a winner for what is one of the most iconic events in the British calendar. With fierce competition from our neighbours across the pond, and Novak Djokovic currently the firm favourite to reign the courts, the pressure is mounting on the UK’s sports hero, Andy Murray, to bring back his title.

For those who don’t know one end of a racquet from the other, we’ve collated all the information you need to know about the upcoming season, so much so, you’ll be screaming ‘you cannot be serious’, before you know it.

The aim is to gain enough points to win a game, enough games to win a set and enough sets to win the match and hopefully enough matches to win the Championship.


Tennis is an exciting fast paced game that consists of very simple rules. The ball is served (i.e. hit over the net into a specific part of the court) for his opponent to return. A ‘rally’ of shots will continue until one of the players either hits the ball out of the court, into the net or until one of the players can’t return the ball by the time it makes a second bounce.

The scoring system is however a little more complicated. The first point is referred to as ‘15’, then ‘30’, then ‘40’ and then finally the player wins the ‘game’. When no points are scored, this is referred to as ‘love’; for example, if one player is winning by one point and the other has no points, the score is: love- 15. ‘Deuce’ arrives when the game is tied at 40-40, and is not won until one of the competitors gains a two-point lead over their opponent.

From the 29th June until the 12th July, tennis pros from all over the world will be gathering in London to fight against one another to become the coveted Wimbledon Champion. Our much loved sports star, Andy Murray, is keen to do the country proud and we’re right behind him here at ABC Selfstore.

Although he was recently knocked out in the French Open by Djokovic, Murray provided a tough match for the World Champion and just two weeks later Murray joined the likes of John McEnroe and Boris Becker as a four-time Queen’s Club champion with an impressive victory over Kevin Anderson. We have a sneaky suspicion (and perhaps a bias one) that Murray was in-fact just warming up… so watch out Djokovic!

So, with the 129th Wimbledon Championship less than a week away, brace yourself for what could be the best, most intense competition yet. Get comfortable, sit back with some more affordably priced strawberries and keep everything crossed that once again we can have a British winner of this most British of events.