Storage Solutions #5: Guitars, Cars & Bars

So. It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Traditionally the one day of the year when Dad’s across the land are able to retreat to the man cave without having to feel guilty that the DIY jobs are a tad behind schedule.

And the Man Cave is a haven. So what better way to mark  the occasion than with another Storage Solutions special. And in No 5 it seems fitting that we look at some clever storage for keeping all Dad’s gadgets, gizmos and gear neat and tidy.  

With the Man Cave being home to most of Dad’s gadgets, it seems only right that we shine our remote controllable LED light on some of the clever storage solutions the old man might find useful.


If your Dad likes to retire to the den and release his inner Gilmour (or any other six string rock god for that matter) – then it’s likely he’ll have more than one axe (that’s musician speak for guitar, just in case you thought we’d gone all backwoodsman).  There’ll probably be a Fender or two (a Tele for the Rhythm & a Strat for lead), plus a Les Paul, or maybe a Rickenbaker.

Thing is – a guitar collection leads to a storage conundrum – where to keep them. You could stack them away in hard cases. Or store in the corner in gig bags.

But that means a bunch of unnecessary bother when you want to use them. Keeping them accessible, so you can pick up and play at whim is

And here’s just the thing. We’ll call it a Guitar-drobe. It combines those handy nodes that you might use for hanging your musical weapon on the wall, with an elongated hook – enabling you to hang them on a rail instead.  Less space used, and just as accessible.

Just be careful you don’t walk in on Dad with his foot up on his amp rocking the full Jimmy Page – that might be a smidgen embarrassing for both of you.


Dad’s love toys, especially radio control cars. But for some they can become a bit of an obsession.  Whilst he might not have the wherewithal for a full-scale garage worthy of a Premier League footballer or one of those rock-gods, the 1/12th world

But cars don’t naturally stack on top of one another, so storing them in the man-cave can be a bit of pain. So how about this clever home-made RC car storage rack? It’s simply twin 6″ pieces of 1 x 2″ fixed to a back-wall baton at regular car spaced intervals.

He can have all the Rally Cars, Ferraris, Porsches and off road buggy’s he wants


No self-respecting Man Cave is complete without a bar. But not all man-caves are big enough for a full bar – complete with optics. Besides – for their own good – you might not want the children having access to your range of alcoholic cocktail ingredients.

This fold away bar is a perfect compromise. When it’s open it’s a stylish and functional bar., complete with shelves for your spirits and drawers for your garnish – those glacé cherries and paper umbrellas – if you so wish.

What you choose to keep in it is entirely up to you of course – but if you insist – we’d blend some decent Whisky with a dash of Amaretto.  It’s called the Godfather, which kind of seems apt.