3 Hot Pursuits for Summer 2015

It’s another big annual ritual. As summer gets into its stride, all over England people are making the most of the extra daylight and indulging in some summer sports. From the obvious – like Cricket, Tennis and Beach Volleyball – to the more obscure, there’s an ever growing range of things to do to keep active and fit.

So – whether you’re in it for the adrenaline buzz, the excitement of winning, or the pleasure of losing (a few pounds) – we take a look at the sports that are hottest to pursue in 2015.

When it comes to picking a sport for summer there are plenty to choose from. You might be a ‘seasoned pro’ – ready to begin another summer of your favourite activity. Or you might be a complete novice – looking to challenge yourself with something that’s brand new. You could choose a team sport, where you can contribute to the game, but also make new friends. Or you may decide on a solitary sport, where winning or losing is all down to you. Or of course – you could pick something that’s non-competitive.

Here’s our pick of 3 sports you might try this summer in London:


You’ve probably seen them on YouTube. The incredible acrobats who use a combination of gymnastics and their urban surroundings to practice their sport. But is it a sport? It started as a non-competitive activity – and whilst the consequences for getting things wrong are a bit more serious than losing a match – some might call it an art. Perhaps unsurprisingly there are now free running competitions – similar to the X-Games sports  – where marks are awarded over a course for speed, technical difficulty and artistic impression.

As with all sports, the final result is usually the result of vast amounts of practice. Here’s one of Parkour’s founding fathers – a chap called Sébastien Foucan – showing just how much practice and preparation goes into making it all look effortless.

Now you might be thinking that it’s a bit dangerous to just start leaping over walls, climbing balconies and break-rolling onto the flat roofs of London – and we’d 100% agree. But, log on to Parkour UK and you’ll find that there’s a whole structure of Coaching and Instruction – usually carried out in the safety of your local Gym. The Parkour Generations website will give you all the information on classes across London.

We are Sailing…

Sailing is one of those sports that we Brits tend to be quite good at. It probably helps being an Island nation and having some of the most treacherous tidal waters in the world. If Sir Ben Ainslie’s escapades in the America’s Cup (past and future) have whetted your appetite, you might be curious to see if Sailing, erm, floats your boat, as a recreational sport.

And if you think London lacks the fair winds, waters and opportunity to have a crack at this complex and exciting pursuit, take a second look. There are plenty of sailing clubs in the capital. To make life easy the Royal Yachting Association (the sports governing body in the UK) – have this nifty ‘Where’s my nearest…training centre‘ tool on their website. They’ll have you shouting ‘Ready About’ in no time.



If sailing is one of Britain’s deep seated national sports, the art of firing an arrow might be considered even more part of our national psyche. The antics of Robin Hood, plus plenty of battles over the years (including Agincourt, which legend has it gave rise to a certain rude hand gesture – depicting the two digits used to draw back one’s bow) once ensured it was a national pastime. The medieval equivalent of Fifa 15 to an 11 year old.

If you’re looking to try a sport that’s a little less about physical exertion and more about exceptional hand-eye coordination then Archery could be it. According to governing body ArcheryGB –  it is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. They also have some really information to help you Get into Archery.

And don’t forget – whatever sport you decide to take up this summer – if you need storage for the kit and equipment, we’re always able to help.