Celebrating the end of exams and term-time.

Graduating students

So, the Exams are all over, and for most school’s there’s just one day left of term. It’s that d-mob happy week, where even the teachers are a bit more chillaxed – anticipating the holiday that is about to begin.

It’s customary that it’s a bit of a celebratory week- so here’s the ABC Selfstore guide to sending the 2014-15 educational year out with a bang…

Primary School

Over the past week year 6’s in England’s Primary Schools will have received their SATS results. That’s the final landmark in their Primary education as they gear up for the next stage in their education. The last week is a celebration of everything they’ve achieved since they started in reception class in 2008.

Leavers ceremonies

Most Primary schools hold a leavers ceremony for the year 6’s – who will be making the big leap to secondary school in the autumn term. It’s a chance for the proud parents to try an hold back the tears as the children reminisce about their experiences at school and their favourite moments.

Social events

Staff at some schools organise an end of term social event – such as bowling, a movie or theatre show – a chance where the class can get together and let their hair down over a fizzy drink and a bag of sweets. There’ll inevitably be more reminiscing about primary school life – and perhaps sharing excitement, hopes and fears about what secondary school will be like.

Secondary School

For year 11s, the compulsory part of their education is in its final throws. As well as the excruciating wait for GCSE results – which will dictate whether they go out into the big wide world of work, or embark on a new chapter of higher education – the last week or two are a time for reflection and partying.

The Prom

What started as an American tradition has become quite the norm this side of the Atlantic. And whether your school prom has a theme (we’re thinking Back to the Future’s Enchantment under the sea – dance) or is just a red carpet premier style event – it will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of school life. There’s a great deal of planning that goes into it. Not just in what to wear – but also how to get there. It might be a posh motor, chauffeur driven by your best mate’s Dad. It might be the tractor unit of an articulated Lorry – dressed in ribbons – courtesy of your girlfriends’ father. Or it could be a limo, Mum’s mini, or even a specially laid on bus. Whatever the ride your stepping out of, we’re sure it’ll be the night of your life with plenty of dancing, chatting and socialising.

Coffee shop hang-out

Sometimes, there’s nothing more relaxing than chewing the fat with your mates over a cappuccino, with none of the pressures of having to dress up smart, or be anything other than yourself. It’s a great way to wind-up secondary school life and reminisce about the people, events and memories that made it special.

Of course – if you’re confident of passing enough GCSE’s you might well be anticipating staying on at sixth-form, then it won’t necessarily be goodbye to your secondary school campus.


Most Uni’s will have already have broken up for the summer. But that won’t have been before the students celebrated the end of studies with their summer ball. These days, the traditional end of educational year bash is far more than black-ties and a spot of dancing. They’re something of a mini-music-festival – with a stage and a catalogue of acts that you’ll probably have heard of. From comedians to musicians to magicians and other talents – it’s more of a variety performance than just a dinner and dance. There’s usually plenty of other games to try on the fringes too – like bucking bronco, or gladiator fighting with those giant cotton bud stick things.

Whatever stage of education you’re at, we hope your exams went well and you’re enjoying a little celebration time. And if you’re coming back next year for more – and need somewhere to store your stuff in the meantime – well you know we can help with that.