Glastonbury – the Wind Down

hands up at a festival

So, that’s another Glastonbury festival over and done with – as the last of the stragglers have taken down the tents and left the West Country’s most famous farm – until next year. So who were the stand out acts?  Impossible question really. It depends on what you like – doesn’t it?

Probably the best measure is the BBC’s most shared acts on their Glasto mini-site.

Making the most of their iPlayer technology, Auntie Beeb is able to measure who’s passed on

As of Monday evening (as most festival goers are probably arriving home and climbing in to a much needed bath – or falling asleep on the sofa at ) the list is less-predictable than you’d think. The Who don’t figure. Neither does Lionel. even Florence – with her admirable cover of Foo Fighters’ “Times like These”  isn’t in the top 5.  Nope, it seems a new wave of acts are sweeping the board when it comes to sharing. And in the final Tony Blackburn chart countdown style here they are…  

Sliding in at 5 are Sleaford Mo you might be saying? Well – they’re a duo of 40 something blokes who were on their 7th album before breaking through. Plenty of attitude, coupled with poetic and political of-the-moment lyrics – they have bags of angst for modern times. There’s a little hint of Paul Weller in there, we think.

Growling in a 4, it’s Wolf Alice. If you’ve been paying attention to the music scene over the past year Wolf Alice will have blipped your radar from the John Peel stage at Glasto 2014. Front Lady Ellie’s rendition of Chris Isaac’s Blue Hotel garnered some well earned attention and catapulted the band into the mainstream.

Promoted to the Park Stage for 2015, Wolf Alice provided a ground crunchingly British clang of electric guitars.

guitar player

Fizzing in at 3 – it’s the Chemical Brothers. The legendary dance duo graced The Other Stage (appearing at Glastonbury for the eighth tie in their careers) on Sunday. Whilst some pundits claim they are becoming irrelevant, all seem to agree their set was as unpretentious as it was living-legend.  It certainly seemed to Galvanise Glasto, if you’ll pardon the track related pun.

Breezing in at 2 – it’s James Bay. The only river Mr Bay has to hold back in his breakthrough year is the continual flow of applause for his superb musicianship.  His Glastonbury set more than loved up to the expectation – and his talent for live performance shone through.

Topping the list are Catfish and the Bottlemen. A classic rock act – firmly in the ascendency – they know how to command the stage. A beautifully natural self-effacing style put them at one with the Glastonbury crowd and their brand of melodic rock had everyone bouncing.  They’ve also got a policy of calling each track by a single word. Which makes life easy for the rest of us.

One to watch…

In the top 5 earlier in the day – but knocked out by the Chemical Brothers –  it’s the replanted perennial BritRockers – The Libertines. They featured as “Surprise Special Guests” on the main Pyramid stage on Friday.  Pete Doherty seems to have calmed down a touch since they reunified in 2010. With a new album imminent and new single Gunga Gin they look to be going places again.   Here’s a bootleg Youtube of that new single..

So, as the Glamping kit gets safety stowed in storage until the next festival, we’ll bid a fond farewell to Glastonbury 2015.