Saying ‘I Do’ To Wedding Season.


The warm summer days are finally here and the nation’s mood, as a whole, appears to have been uplifted. Not only does the sunshine bring out our good moods, it also seems to bring out our romantic side, with the majority of couples tying the knot during the summer months.

For those who are lucky in love, now could be the perfect time to walk down the aisle. However, whilst the wedding experience is surrounded by joy and excitement, it can understandably be a stressful process for anyone. To take the edge away, take a look at our wedding tips, which are sure to encourage many couples to say ‘I Do’ to the wedding season (you can thank us in your speech!)

First and foremost – the dreaded budget. Unfortunately weddings are renowned for being expensive, however, they can be done on a range of budgets, no matter how big or small. Separate the budget into different sections, making sure to include the essentials: venue, attire, flowers, food, rings and music. If you’re going to make any vows, promise to love, cherish and not exceed the budget!

When it comes to the wedding wardrobe, think smart, fitted, head-turning, stunning and of course, comfort! Comfort is key – consider breaking in your shoes prior to the big day, the last thing you want is to have nasty blisters during your first dance, unsure whether you’ll actually make it to the end of the night or not!

Photography is a wedding essential and can capture the day of a lifetime in just a moment. Perhaps take inspiration from the recent ‘World’s First Selfie Wedding’, where the groom, a professional photographer, used a self-timer to capture the special day, re-enacting the ceremony moments afterwards. Some may think this sounds a little strange, after all, the word ‘selfie’ doesn’t really sell it. However, we recommend you take a look, the results were absolutely stunning! If your forte doesn’t lie in photography (‘where’s the ‘on’ button?!’) and you haven’t got the exquisite New Zealand countryside for a back drop, we’d suggest hiring a professional.

When it comes to booking a venue, take the time to explore the different options and consider what the ideal venue would be. Whether it is traditional, memorable, wacky or non-traditional, there is something out there to suit the tastes of every wedding. If you’re after a blank canvas, a place you can put your own spin on, then consider a marquee. Marquee weddings are extremely popular as they offer complete flexibility in terms of décor and can still look fabulously picturesque. When searching for a venue, it is important to also think about the location, number of guests, possible accommodation and parking.

And finally, relax! Once all the planning is done, put your feet up and pamper yourself. All the planning is worth it and will undoubtedly transform what would have otherwise been an ordinary day into the most memorable day of your life, and don’t worry, we’ll RSVP once we receive our invitation – we’re assuming it’s still in the post!