Storage Solutions #6 – Your Great Outdoors

As summer gets into its stride (we mean calendar wise – although fingers crossed weather wise) it’s time for another instalment in our storage solutions theme. You remember – it’s the one where we look at ingenious storage for the rooms and spaces in your house.

And what better way to celebrate the onslaught of the finer weather (yeah, we said that with tongue firmly presses in cheek) than to take a look at the great outdoors – well the garden, garage and shed, to be exact. So, read on – if you’re after some inspiration when it comes to storage outside the house…

With the winner of shed of the year revealed – as an old Hen house converted into a distillery it’s almost the perfect space – now seems like the right time to focus on outdoor and outbuilding storage solutions. Once again we’ve trawled the corridors of Pinterest to share some inspirational ideas and creations. We’re focussing on storage that gets the job done with style, flair and a dose of Je ne sais quois.

All Wound Up

What’s the connection between a Washing Machine and a Garden hose? Well, there wasn’t one until some bright spark came up wit this. Why waste money on an expensive hose storage system, when you could make a much sturdier one from an old washing machine drum? This one is an old copper one – but you could equally well use a more modern stainless one.



The Garden Cycle

So you fancy a herb garden to inspire some cooking, but also need somewhere to store your pedal powered transport. Well, with this storage solution you can do both. It’s a mini-shed, with a raised bed on the roof. It’s just right for packing away the pushbikes, whilst also offering the Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Chives and Coriander the perfect place to crop – ready for your next culinary masterpiece. This particular example is adapted from an Asgard galvanised cycle store – with some cladding and the roof garden.

Cabinet More Rooms

When filing cabinets get old they go rusty and start to look tatty, then the drawers stick and they try and take your fingers off. What better way to get back at a that scruffy old waste of space than to epicycle it into something at least as useful. Mind your fingers, take out the drawers one by one, remove the runners (they usually clip off) and lay it down flat. Hey presto, you’ve got a decent compartmentalised storage solution.  You could make it look nice with some vinyl’s or paint.



Keeper O’Tools

There’s a tool for everything. And whilst they might be practical for doing stuff, when it comes to storing them they come in all shapes and sizes. So you tend to need a bespoke storage solution, and if you’ve got a lot of tools, chances are you’re quite handy with them. So there’s nothing stopping you getting creative and making them yourself.



If you’re really brave (and adept with your tools) you could go for a tool filing system along the lines of this clever slide out arrangement. You’d need a sheet of peg board and then a template to make your slide out tool ‘files’. Once complete it’s an effective and neat way to keep your tools stored safely.

Ice, Nice



Finally, when all that hard work making some brilliant storage solutions is done, you might want to relax outdoors with a nice cold beer. And you might have prepared that too. All you need is a funky wooden barrel, then you can cut a door in it, stick on some hinges, fill with ice and you’ve got the ultimate Garden cooler.




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