What type of holidaymaker are you?


The majority of Brits take a break from their normal day-to-day lives and splash out on a holiday at least once a year to try and escape the typically bad British weather. So much so, ABTA found that 68% of UK residents went on holiday this summer, with more than half of the population travelling abroad to a foreign country.

With thousands of destinations available to travel to, the location you choose says a lot about what type of holiday-er you are, from the adventure-seekers to the sun-soakers.

So with summer drawing in close, we have compiled a list for you to see what type of holiday maker you were this summer.

The first type of holiday-er we find are the ‘sun-soakers’. These Brits go away to completely relax and shake off the stresses of home life. Their main activity during the holiday is to soak up the sun on a beautiful beach or lie by a pool with a drink in hand. Fact: Beach breaks are the most popular summer holiday for UK tourists, with 34% spending their vacation by the coast!

Far away from the sun lounger you find the ‘adventure seeker’. They choose destinations like Australia, where the holiday itinerary mainly consist of skydiving, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or hiking around Ayers Rock. Fact: Destinations like Australia are becoming increasingly popular with a 7% increase in tourists visiting the country.

Next we have the ‘City Slickers’ who embrace the lively and atmospheric streets of worldwide iconic cities such as New York. These holidaymakers can ‘shop till they drop’ and love to be ‘wined and dined’ in swanky new restaurants. Fact: The British public rated New York as their second most popular holiday destination.

Again in the city but with very different vacation criteria are the ‘sight-seers’! Somewhere like Rome seems to draw these holiday-ers in. The trip often includes touring the town on an open top bus tour, so whether visiting old cathedral, museum or Roman amphitheater, these tourists won’t be far away. Fact: Rome is a popular destination for the sight-seers with 4.2 million tourists a year visiting the Roman city.

Finally we have the ‘culture vultures’ whose aim is leave all their creature comforts at home and immerse themselves in a whole new culture. Destinations such as India and Africa are popular for these bravest types of holidaymakers.

So what kind of holiday-er are you? Lets be honest, whether you aim to explore and seek thrill or just to kick back and relax on a sunny beach, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you manage to get away for a week or two.


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