5 Reasons To Live In London.

London 2

It can be a difficult decision, choosing whether your heart belongs in the city or the countryside. Much like the North/South argument, it’s a very real divide, but with 8.63 million people inhabiting the UK capital, city based living has proven a popular choice.

Being based in London, it could be argued that at ABC Selfstore, we’re slightly biased, but we can’t help but feel that the city is the place to be, and here’s why…

With city living comes culture and it’s fair to say that London is certainly not restricted to its 1,572 km2 region. As home to three of the world’s top ten museums, 1/5 of the UK’s cinema screens and some of the most famous artworks to ever exist, there are a fair few things to do.

For book-lovers, London is a literary heaven, with some of the finest authors having lived and worked here, including William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. For cinema fanatics, a normal day often involves crossing paths with familiar TV locations with many of the very best British films being set in and around London, including Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twist, Mary Poppins, Notting Hill and Harry Potter. Of course, we can’t forget the most prominent features that make London a world- class destination – Big Ben, Madam Tussauds, London Bridge and Oxford Street to name a few. In a city that never sleeps, you’ll always have so much to do and see.

In large cities there is a wide (and plentiful!) range of jobs to suit everyone. From zombie acting for the London Dungeons to Swan Wardens, (of course accountants, dentists and teachers are still in large demand!) the city really does have everything weird and wonderful available. For those in communications, the city provides thousands of networking opportunities, offering the ambitious the chance to broaden professional and personal contacts.

Those relocating from the countryside may be concerned about leaving behind the greenery and peace and quiet that comes with it, but you may be surprised to learn that this can still be found in London’s more tranquil corners. This city literally offers the entire world on your doorstep, including rolling hills. It’s no surprise to residents that London has been named the greenest major city in Europe, with miles and miles of beautiful greenery at Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park – complete with wild deer.

The parks aren’t the only pieces of stunning imagery that the capital offers though, the London skyline is truly spectacular and has been astounding residents and tourists for decades. From the ground, it can be hard to appreciate the skyline, but take a trip up The Shard or The London Eye and see for yourself.

For the royalists amongst us, it has to be boasted that living in London means living in the same locality as the Queen. The Monarchy is undoubtedly a major tourist attraction, but why be a tourist when you could be a neighbour?!

As one of the world’s favourite cities, it goes without saying that the list of reasons to settle in the UK capital is endless. We’ve only shared a small number of benefits of life in the city – the rest are to be discovered by yourself if you choose the London life.