Gods of the Blogs (and Vlogs): Students

With the return to Uni underway (it seems to get earlier every year) we thought it would be timely to bring you another instalment in our Gods of the Blogs series. And if you’re undergraduate material you’ll already have twigged that the focus for this one is on students.

So, whether you’re about to immerse yourself in Freshers Fortnight, feeling perplexed about what to expect from your new course, or simply need to understand a bit more about life as a student, then this one’s for you…


Going to University can be a big deal. For most it’s the first time you’ll be living away from home and having to organise yourself without the help of Mum, Dad or another family member or guardian. Universities know that, so are pretty sophisticated these days in their orientation support for new starters. But, when you’re late teen/20 something, having some lecturer tell you how it is might seem a bit lame. So you might rather turn to your peers, and if you’re in that camp, then here are 5 of the best – that you can trust to help you make your way through student life – with the resilience of a Hobbit in middle-earth.


The Student Blogger

working on  laptopThe name says it all. The student blogger is a site that aggregates articles from a variety of expert sources together – to provide a handy one-stop shop about everything student. You could’ve just watched your folks drive off across campus – having  seen you safely to your halls of residence – leaving you somewhat bewildered as to what happens next. You might be beginning your second year and will be off-campus – you’ll want to know the pitfalls of sharing accommodation – from a personal and financial perspective. Or you might just be looking for some of the latest fashion tips so you can stand out from your peers in the student union bar. Whatever your interest TheStudentBlogger  has content that covers pretty much everything you can think of.

And if it doesn’t, well you can contribute –  they also offer a Student blogger feature – you can submit your articles – whatever the topic. So if your recipe prowess in the hall of residence kitchen extends far beyond beans on toast and you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver – it could be your doorway to culinary fame…

The Guardian: Blogging Students

Maybe it’s the left of the middle perspective, but the Guardian newspaper has long been a favourite of students. It’s no surprise then that they’ve created a section for students to contribute. And as it’s the Guardian they take the quality of the articles very seriously. So much so that you’ll have to pitch your idea first. If it’s published it would look great on a CV and could be an important step towards a stellar journalistic career. They even have a page telling you what they’re looking for and how to pitch a blog to them.

Whilst it doesn’t have the depth of content and all-thing-to-all-students appeal of The Student Blogger – The Guardian Blogging Students can be relied upon for an intriguing and engaging read.


With so many of the most successful student blogging sites being aggregators – taking content from across the student community and student servicing business sectors – it’s refreshing to see the occasional individual blog making a success. Miss Is Goode (or Issy) is a 21 year old graduate from Cornwall who started a blog as the ‘Life and Times of a Student’ several years ago. Unlike most student bloggers – who start off prolific and progressively tail off – Issy has kept the pace up and her content innovative and current.

There’s plenty of stickies from years past that are just as relevant today as they were then – including her Advice for Freshers’ and Advice for second years. It’s worth a read if you want a down-to earth, accurate take on what life as a student is really like.

Unistudent Life

Unistudent life is more of a tabloid-magazine style blog that answers the important (and not so important) lifestyle questions. More light hearted than some if its counterparts – you’ll find lighthearted, slightly tongue in cheek topics such as “The Barraco Barner “ Twitter incident, all the way through to themes that are relevant to just about everyone in shared accommodation – such as “Getting on with Your Housemates”.  And, of course, the essential photo record observations such as the acclaimed – “I gave my Dog Peanut Butter” (no, we definitely don’t recommend this as a canine foodstuff). Whilst Unistudentlife  might not quite provide the depth of content that’s on offer over on the Student Blogger, it will make you smile more. And for that we applaud it.

Jamie Ped

Jamie Ped is one of a new breed of students posting regular Video Blogs (or Vlogs) about student life. Here’s an early post – moving to University – from 2012.

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