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There are those who would like to be in Business for themselves. There are those who are in business for themselves. And then there are those who’ve managed to make a business out of talking about business to others. The corporate – and not so corporate – types, offering advice to entrepreneurs on how to stay ahead of the game and succeed in their chosen field. And the platform of choice for it all is the Blog.


Now bloggers on any subject are ten a penny. Which means that for every grain of wheat, you’ll find 1000 flakes of chaff. So how do you sort the genuinely useful from out from the mildly average and make sure you listen to the shakers not the fakers? Whose business blogs should you be spending your precious spare time reading? Well, let us help with our introduction to the Gods of the blogs for business…

There’s so much to think about in Business that it’s hard to be an expert in everything. So, as you might expect, most of the best business blogs tend to be focussed on one discipline – or even a specific subset of a discipline. So we’ve broken our top 5 Gods of the business blog, into some bite-size business areas to give you some pointers to the cream of the crop:

Felix Wentzel – All About People

One blogger name that comes up time and time again in the business community is Felix Wentzel. Mr Wentzel’s sharing of ideas on People, Brands and Random thoughts is widely regarded as one of the best business blogs around. He’s in recruitment, so it’s no surprise that people come first and Felix’s wisdom focusses on how it’s the people that make it all work. We like his July entry on employment brand – which is largely about recruiting people who ‘get’ your ethos. Probably because that’s the way we approach things at ABC Selfstore – and it’s exactly why our friendly, helpful staff are second to none.


One of the longest established Business Blogs (it began in 2005 – when blogging was a relatively new phenomenon) is Derek Cheshire’s Creative4Business blog. It focusses on how to make sure that Creativity and Innovation are at the core of business activities. Creativity is often seen as a fluffy side of business life – but take some of the world’s biggest brands (such as Apple and their Creative Guru – Sir Jony Ive) and it’s clear that creativity drives the beating heart of progress.

The Guardian Business Blog

Less of a Help and Guidance or sharing of wisdom blog – and more of a comment on the latest business news – the Guardian’s Business blog is still highly regarded across the UK’s business community. What it manages to do really well is relate the big business news stories to the real world of business – such as the Competition and Market’s Authority’s investigation into the Poundland’s takeover of 99p stores. In this case it was the value of talking to customers that they zeroed in on, showing how customer focus is critical, even to regulators! That’s something else that we’ve always understood well here at ABC Selfstore, which is why we put so much effort into getting our own customer feedback.

The British Library Innovation and Enterprise Blog – (Business and IP Team)

Maybe this is changing face of libraries. With town and borough centre libraries under pressure, they need to be more of a sharing hub for knowledge. The British Library is certainly taking the lead – having let the Business and Intellectual Property team off the leash, imparting plenty of sage advice on how to run a business, as well as protecting and developing your ideas.

Unusually – this blog covers just about everything. It might be how to get the most from your Social Media one week, to how to keep good accounts the next. If your time is seriously limited and you’re looking for a single place to direct your attention, then this business blog covers most bases.

What Goes Around

Doug Shaw set up his What Goes Around Blog in December 2008. It’s a much more personal and experiential approach than most business blogs – which is what a blog should be really. We particularly like his recent take on the Corporate World Of Human Resources. We like the sound of Employee Experience, after all there’s a lot of experience here at ABC Selfstore.


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