The Alternative Guide to Going Back to School


Well, that’s it. The last of the school’s across the UK have have finally gone back and the Summer Holiday’s of 2015 are officially done and dusted. We use the word ‘summer’ reservedly, as it wasn’t a scorcher by any standards.

For new starters in Reception, and Year 7’s beginning Secondary School there’s a added excitement. Whilst for Mum’s and Dad’s who’ve had enough of seven long weeks of holiday there’s a huge wave of relief.

And with more ‘back to school’ guides on the internet than you can shake a pencil case at – we thought we’d bring something a bit different to our humble blog. So here – with our tongues firmly in cheek – is our collection of comedy clips, offering some alternative views on going back to school…

Preparing a Packed Lunch

The packed lunch is a staple of school life. Here’s Australian comedic genius Paul Hogan (later of Crocodile Dundee fame) making the outstanding Nostalgia sandwich. For the those less familiar with Aussie cuisine, vegemite is their less potent equivalent to Marmite. Oh, and Crumbs in the milk. Classic.

The School Master

Taking the register is part of the daily routine, but Rowan Atkinson – king of coupling hilarious facial expression with eloquent pronunciation – managed to make it the opening of one of the funniest school sketches of all-time. His School Master portrayal is less than politically correct – but is well worth a watch.

Irritating Classmates

There’s one in every class. The smart-alec. The come-back king or queen. They can be annoying, but they can be entertaining. Here’s Catherine Tate and David Tennant (the former Doctor Who) Shaking their Shakespearean for Comic Relief’s Big One in 2007.

However your first week back to school is shaping up, we hope you have a great term.