Tricks to selling your home

Selling your home

For so many people, selling their home, packing up and moving from one location to another is the ultimate life change. It’s safe to say that from the moment a property enters the market, it can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process. However, there are some tricks that can make transition from one property to another much smoother and it all begins with a few simple selling techniques.

A property needs to be sellable before it even enters the market. With 92% of all homebuyers starting their house hunt online, good images are essential as first impressions really do count.

Fifteen years ago, it may have been relatively easy to sell a property using a home-made ‘FOR SALE’ sign stuck on the inside of your window, but unfortunately, this method no longer seems to drive as much traffic. Embrace the power of the internet and photography – some studies have shown that listings with more than six pictures are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers than listings that have fewer than six pictures.

Paint cans ready to be used on white background

Unless you’re selling a derelict dream, it’s essential to complete any much-needed quick fixes before the property goes on the market, however, try not to splash out redecorating every room, because you won’t get your money back. Sand window sills, re-paste peeling wallpaper and grout any loose tiles – simple jobs that can be completed within an afternoon and don’t necessarily require the help of professionals.

Along with the ‘virtual’ first impression, viewers will also assess their potential home as they approach the front door. If the entrance resembles a theme park’s ‘haunted house’, not only are you unlikely to generate much interest but it will also give viewers a bad but honest insight into the quality of the interiors. A lick of paint and a few bright flowers can give a property a fresh, vibrant appearance and will undoubtedly start the viewing off on a positive note.

Naturally, viewers will be going through their ‘tick list’ as they explore the property. The entrance hall is as equally important as the front door as it’s the first room they will see. Ideally it will be bright, minimal and not too cluttered.

Whilst we’re on the topic of decluttering, all vendors must accept one thing prior to selling their home – decluttering is a dreaded but necessary process. It may be a difficult job to start and be wary that the process can take a while (depending on how many distractions there are) but it is 100% worth it – after all, your home needs to be show ready at all times for ‘spur of the moment’ viewings. If there are rooms that sport more cobwebs than curtains, clear it out and clean it up – who knows, there may even be a few hidden treasures amongst the clutter. Remember though, you don’t have to declutter by yourself! We’re certainly not supporting bribery, but if you have kids and sweets to hand, we’re confident they’ll be happy to assist.

In a potential home, people look for space as it gives offers a blank canvas that fills their imagination with ideas of what life in the property would be like. Maximise space with neutral wall colours and strong lighting – the two combined can really create a bright and clean homely glow whilst giving the illusion of more space.

No matter how stressful, sometimes moving is necessary. Making your home appealing to even the most awkward of buyers is key, but be careful that you don’t make it so sellable that you fall back in love with it yourself! Of course it goes without saying, if you need someone to safely store your belongings during the move, you know where we are!