World Cup Class Storage


The Rugby Union World Cup might not be the youngest world cup tournament in existence (it started in 1987). And with 20 teams taking part in the finals – it might not be the biggest world cup tournament either (the FIFA Football World Cup has 32). It’s also not the only Rugby World Cup – there’s the Rugby League World Cup too – and the next one is in 2017.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting.

Take Japan’s shock defeat of South Africa – being hailed as one of the biggest upsets in the history of sport. Then there’s the home-nations rivalry – and England vs. Wales on Saturday is set to be a battle of the titans. Yep, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Now Rugby is a simple game – so you’d have thought you’d need very little equipment to take part. But like many sports – whilst that was true as recently as the 1960s – there’s more to it in this day and age. So we thought we’d take look at the average rugby union kit and accessories list, to see what the discerning player needs to bring to the changing room…First off there’s the basic kit. Now there will of course be some minor differences between men’s and ladies teams – but in short it consists of:

  • Collared rugby shirt – these days they’re technologically advanced figure-hugging textiles – a bit different from the school playing field reversible jersey. The shirt may include a little built in padding.
  • Compression shorts – equally figure hugging and technologically advanced textile construction.
  • Long rugby socks – again, a more sophisticated construction, designed to maximise performance.
  • Gum shield – bespoke, moulded to your mouth – it will come with a little plastic pot to store it in.
  • Studded Rugby Boots – conforming to regulation 12, although even blade style ones (more familiar in football) are becoming popular with faster moving backs.
  • A Jockstrap – just for the boys teams, obviously.
  • A ball, for warming up/practicing.
  • A towel and toiletries.
  • A Kit bag to keep it all in.

Plus – if you’re playing in one of the forward positions that will see you in the thick of the physical action – you might want some head protection. You could choose a soft skull cap – none of that namby-pamby American football hard-helmet visor and massive shoulder padding malarky here)-  or, if you want to look especially hardcore, some insulation tape round your head, just to keep your ears in like.

On the face of it that isn’t much. But then you need to consider all the training ground extras that you’ll need there’ll be skins, trekkie bottoms, a hoodie for getting to and from the ground, plus a whole load of field practice paraphernalia to build your skills. Whilst there’s also Tackle Bags and Scrum Machines – although they will be the responsibility of the club.

The Rugby season in 2015-16 lasts from mid-October to mid-May. Which means there’s five summer months that the equipment won’t be being used – and might need storing away safely and securely. The same goes for all your other sports equipment. So if your canoe has seen the back of the last rays of summer and will be put away until spring, or your snowboard is still standing in the corner of the kitchen where you left it when you got back from the alps in March – then a storage unit with us could well be the solution to your sports storage needs.

And if you are looking to make more room – without giving up your favourite sports and putting your gear on eBay – give us a shout.