Bee’s Knees Business Storage


Have you ever pondered the phrase the Bee’s Knees? The one meaning good, grand, ace, fab, epic, awesome, boss and (if you’re younger than about 20) – sick. Have you ever wondered though – if Bee’s actually have knees? Well it turns out they do – and hung just below them, like pannier, on their back legs, are their pollen sacks. Or – as you might call it – in-flight storage.

Now phonetically, Bee’s Knee’s and Business, aren’t a million miles apart. So, for this blog entry, we thought we’d focus on what makes great business storage. The features, benefits, bells and whistles that make life easy if you’re in business and need extra space. Or, to put it another way, London business self storage that’s the bee’s knees…

In the modern world, a business that is doing well is often a business that is growing. Which almost always means more staff, more tech, more furnishings, and more paperwork – but it can also mean more stock or supplies. All that can cause headaches – especially if you’re tied into a lease on a premises. But premises in London are expensive and moving up to a bigger one can be costly – both on early move-out clauses and on the extra space you need.

For many businesses space is not always about offices and desks. It can just as much be about managing raw materials, stock or the dreaded paperwork. An affordable business storage solution is self storage – where your business can rent a storage unit for as short or as long a time as you need.

Minimum Term

It might not seem important at the beginning, but you should always check the minimum term of any business storage London contract. You’ll often find that it’s a week, or sometimes even a month. That means that when the time comes and you want to leave, you’ll have to pay the remainder of any part weeks or months that you haven’t used. On a large unit that could be a significant sum of money.

The very best London Business Self Storage facilities will offer pay by the day storage – where they’ll refund any days you’ve paid for but not used.

More or Less

How flexible does your storage need to be? Let’s say – for example –  you’re a winter sports business that’s shipping in the new season’s stock. Come January/February 2016 you’ll have (hopefully) sold it all and won’t need the storage space anymore. Or you might be a bespoke manufacturer of furniture – looking for somewhere to store your developing range. So if you get the urge that the range should include a two new wardrobes and three double beds, you’ll need to know you can get more pace – either with an additional london business self storage unit – or moving to a bigger one in the same premises.

Notice on Move Out

When you no longer need that extra space (perhaps you’ve moved to a bigger premises with more in-house storage) does your provider require notice? Usually it’s a week – and some providers even add it to the minimum term. That could see you shelling out for at least 7 more days than you need on your London business storage. And as business is all about efficiency, that’s a bit of a waste of resources.

Discounts for Long Term Storage

If you’re committing to the long-term, some business storage solutions in London will offer you a better rate. That’s great if you’ve got boxes and boxes of files that legally you need to keep on record in company storage – on the off chance something unusual – like a Tax Audit – occurs.

Useful Bundles

You’re going to need some other bits and bobs for self storage. A padlock for the unit door, insurance for your contents, maybe a key holding service and someone to sign for delivery and despatch of post. A good self storage provider will help you put all these together – into one straightforward package – so that you can get on running your business.

So where do you go if you’re looking for Business Storage Solutions in London that’s the Bee’s Knees for Business? If you’re checking boxes against our list of tips, you’ll discover that our offer stacks up pretty well against the competition. In fact, some say we’re second to none for Business Self Storage London.


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