Get Dressed to Distress – this Halloween

Halloween Mummy

If our ideas for horrible but tasty Halloween nibbles weren’t enough for you – and you’re considering heading out on the trick or treating trail – you’re probably wondering what to wear. How to find attire that is ghoulish and frightening in equal measure.

You could head to Amazon or eBay and buy yourself an off-the-shelf outfit – a plastic knife through the headband kind of thing. Or you could take a do-it-yourself approach to Halloween 2015.

Well that’s where we come in – here’s three top ideas for looking the part to make fright-night 2015  scary but memorable – whatever you’re up to, they’re perfect if you need to get dressed to distress… 

Halloween seems to get bigger every year. We go to more effort with everything – the food, the outfits, the outings. Visitor attractions and events get weirder and more wonderful with every passing 12 months.

So how will you top 2014? What’s your outfit…

Zombie Grey, it’s the new black

Zombies are always a safe bet on Halloween. But how do you get that authentic ‘undead’ look without breaking the bank? It’s all about the grey. And as all primary school 1st years know – all you need to make grey is black and white. So start with a couple of packs of face paints from each end of the monochrome spectrum. A pack of fake blood (stocked by all good joke shops) is a must to give you the authentic Zombie spatter.

You’ll also need some grey clothing. Old school trousers, a waistcoat or grey pullover, whatever you can source. If they’re surplus to requirement, think about taking a pair of scissors to the hems and cuffs – perfect for that jaggedy just-jumped-out-of-the-grave look.

Then mix up the black and white face paint and give yourself a nice pale base coat to all the areas of exposed flesh. A second darker tint under the eyes and neck will have you looking suitably Monday morning. Finally, finish with a good spattering of that fake blood to the arms and ankles. Save a little for a juicy gash down the side of your face and you’re ready to scare. If you’re feeling really creative and have access to a sheet of polystyrene you could even make yourself a tombstone to carry round with you.

You’ll have them calling for Mummy!

You’ll need to prepare this one a day or two in advance. Start with a quick trip to your nearest chemist and buy several packs of crepe bandages – enough to cover your limbs and head. When you get home put some teabags in a bucket and add warm water, unravel all the bandages and put them in to. Leave it to stew for a few hours. Pour away the cold tea and wring out the bandages in the sink, hang them somewhere to dry, or better still tumble them in the drier.

Find an old pair of light coloured or khaki trousers and a white or beige sweatshirt, then begin wrapping your limbs and torso in the bandages (you might need to enlist some help at this stage – especially for the head). If you want to go for a really sinister look then a dark stocking over the head before you wrap the bandages will give you those classic mummy bottomless eye sockets.

Use safety pins to fix the ends of the badges leaving between 6 & 9inches of the bandages trailing loose and you’ll be looking like you just leaped out-of-the-sarcophagus in no time.

‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones, Demure Bones

For this one you’ll need an old black sweatshirt that you don’t mind destroying, a white t-shirt and some chalk. It’s a quick and easy way to make a cracking skeleton outfit. You’re going to cut some ribs out of the sweatshirt so the white t-shirt you’ll be wearing underneath will show through.

Lay the black sweatshirt on a table, draw out a skeleton outline in chalk – including a centre spine, with between 5 and 8 ribs either side. Ensure that each element is individual – i.e. they don’t join  (or you’ll just end up with a shredded top). Use a pair of large scissors to cut each piece out. True the garment over and do the same on the back.

If there’s any of the white and black face paints left you could paint your face white, with black around your eyes – for that scary skull look.

Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing this halloween – we hope you have fun and don’t frighten yourselves too much.


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