Hammersmith & Fulham – the place for dating

In another of our series looking at the eclectic Boroughs of London (specifically those close to our self storage stores) we take a virtual stroll along the streets of Hammersmith and Fulham. At 6.3 square miles Hammersmith and Fulham is only a little bigger than its Eastern neighbour Islington. But with ‘just’ 165, 242 (2001 census) residents, it’s considerably less populated.

Archeological finds have shown that Fulham has been inhabited since the Neolithic – around 3000B.C. – in the Riverside area. Subsequent Roman finds – dated around 2-300A.D – have shown that the area remained inhabited throughout the first millennium. The name Fulham is thought to have been derived from ‘settlement by the muddy ford’ – which given its geographical situation makes sense. Fulenham (a place sold to the Bishop of London by the Bishop of Hereford) is recorded in the Domesday Book (1086). Hammersmith on the other hand appears later – with a record of Hamersmyth in 1294 – meaning Hamlet by the Harbour.

Fulham is famous for Fulham Palace – the Country residence of the Bishops of London –  the first build being in A.D. 704 –  and it would have been around that that much of the settlement focussed. It was not until 1729 that the first Fulham bridge was constructed – giving better access north & south of the river. As with many neighbouring boroughs – it was the industrial revolution and Victorian civil engineering that saw the idyllic sounding country river banks developed into the London terraces we recognise today.

Modern Hammersmith and Fulham reportedly has the highest proportion of single adults in the UK – at 55%. So if you’re thinking of setting a up a dating agency, the borough wouldn’t be a bad bet. It also has a high proportion of young adults sharing a house. Which means that space might be a bit limited – in which case a self storage unit just up the road in our Camden branch might be the perfect solution.