Top 5 Summer Wardrobe Storage Hints, Tips and Ideas

We’re getting word that the central heating is going on (properly, not just for pre-winter testing) and that there was ice on a car in the countryside last Tuesday (no, really, there was!). The clocks go back one hour this week, so as Bugs Bunny said – that’s all folks. Even for the last of the short sleeve, short trouser wearing stalwarts, it’s time to pack away the summer wardrobe.

But if you’re a fashionista, you’ll probably have a lot to pack away – plus a whole pile of Autumnal and Winter warmies to bring out into your ready room. Humans are a creative bunch – and in this textile rich consumer age in which we live – there are some pretty natty ideas around for storing clothing that’s ‘between seasons’.  We’ve toured the aisles of the internet to find our 5 favourite clothing storage solutions, hints and tips – so here they are in all their glory, and a little Bruuuuuuuuce, with just the right tune for it…

#5 – Sort, Before You Store 

Rubbermaid (the goddess of plastic housewares) have a really useful chart on their blog that we came across on Pinterest. It’s a tasteful Venn Diagram (you’ll remember those from your secondary school maths) that helps you decide which items of clothing you’ll be keeping – and which you’ll sacrifice at the altar of the great textile recycling receptacle.

Fashion, fitting, fashion and flattery. If you’ve got all those then surely it will make you feel good – and you’ll be packing it away for the winter.

#4 – Keep Clothing Tip Top

The Laundress Blog has some great tips for storing your seasonal wardrobe. Firstly they recommend seasonally re-organising. But d’uh, if you’re reading this blog you’re ahead on that one. Included amongst their other tips are storing in cotton, plastic or dry-cleaner bags to keep the bugs away. They also stress the importance of clean, cool, dark and dry area to store it all in. If you’re stuck for space that meets that criteria, then a storage locker with us fits that bill perfectly.

Probably the most significant advice though, is to wash everything prior to packing it away. Even if it’s ‘worn once’ make sure it is clean when you fold it away for Winter. That little patch of yogurt that didn’t notice you spilt, that crumb of chocolate that stuck to the hem or that drop of coke that you didn’t see roll of the lip of the can you swigged from – they’ll all break out the mould or ruin the pigment – wrecking your garment.

#3 Pallet Furniture

If it’s the apparatus of storage you’re short on, then here’s a great way to build yourself some new shelving – at a knock down price.

It’s made from Pallets – the kind used to ship stuff around on – so are a great source (and template) for some new storage facility. You can create shelving, hanging racks and anything else you feel you’ll need to arrange your summer threads until next year. Don’t forget the storage bags we mentioned at #4.


#2 Whoa, What a Feeli-iiing…

…When you’re Storing on the Ceiling. At #2 it’s our perennial favourite. The ceiling mounted storage box.

This is a great solution for storing lots of things – but especially clothes as they don’t tend to be too heavy – so the plastic boxes will be perfectly happy spending the winter months above your head. They’re a really clever use of any dead space in your home too.


#1 Cardboard Shoe Rack

Shoes are one of those items that can be incredibly seasonal. Summer sandals and strappy heels don’t work well in winter. And knee-high boots might be a bit hot and sweaty in the height of summer. But when it comes to storing shoes it can be tricky. They’re not exactly designed to stack. So here’s a great solution that’ll help you recycle the boxes from that last big Amazon order. There’s even a how to on the original blog source.

There are some shoes (such as the daddy of Baseball boots) that never go out of fashion and work in all weathers. Conversely (see what we did there) you might wear them all year round. The sort of comfy plimsol you might be seen in transporting your summer wardrobe down to your storage unit.


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