Go Green At Home.

go green‘Going green’ has become particularly important over the last few years. With climate change fast affecting the quality of our everyday lives, it has not only become essential to do all we can to slow the process, but we’ve learnt it can also benefit the bank balance.

Whether you’re installing a smart metre, a wind turbine, or simply remembering to turn off the lights when you leave the room, every change you make to ‘go green’ can make a big overall difference.

Here at ABC we’ve come up with the top three ways in which you can adapt your home lifestyle to help both the environment and your monthly bills.

Change your lightbulbs. In total, lighting accounts for 18% of a typical house-holders electricity bill. There are two options which are an energy efficient alternative: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Both are a quick and easy way to reduce the amount of energy being emitted as the bulb will convert most of it into light rather than heat, resulting in less energy waste.

Energy efficient bulbs consume approximately 75% less electricity, burn just as brightly and last up to ten times longer. They will also save you £3 a year and are completely beneficial to every household, not just those trying to go green.

Stop the drip & fix the leak! A dripping tap may not appear to be a major issue, but, it can actually result in 74 gallons of water being wasted each day! The average UK home uses a total of 360 litres every day, reducing this impact will have a positive impact on the environment as C02 emissions are reduced as less energy is required to pump and heat the water. This really will have a positive effect on the environment as currently, our water usage makes up 4% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

Unplug unused electricals! On average, you will pay £30 a year for leaving your appliances on standby mode! The effectiveness of unplugging them cannot be emphasised enough- electrical items left on at the plug will continue use power and will therefore cost you! This is especially important if you go on holiday- why pay for electricity when you’re not using it?!

If you aren’t using the items but have a habit of leaving them on standby, why not store them in one of our storage sites across London? We’re all guilty of not letting go of those game consoles, juice blenders and lamps, it’s easy to forget they are even there, let alone forget they are plugged in!

At ABC Selfstore, we understand the need to make changes that can help reduce the negative impact on the environment that our homes often have. That may mean replacing some of your appliances with more energy efficient items, but, if you find it difficult to dispose of your items (because you never know when you may need a juice blender) we will happily take care of them!

We’re committing to storing your items, short or long term, until you need them again. With three affordable and energy efficient self storage sites across London which includes Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark, we’re sure to offer you a warm welcome without costing you the earth!


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