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Mummy bloggers

Right, before we even start, let’s get one thing sorted. When we use the word God in the title we’re using it the modern all encompassing non-gender specific way – just think as Actor is to Actress these days.

We needed to get that straight – because for this entry we’re focussing on some of the best Mummy bloggers. Lovely Ladies who share their experience and expertise about the joys of parenthood.  A collection of mother’s who are getting busy with the QWERTY – with the aim of helping new mums all over the world. So whether you want to use the term God or Goddess – they’re properly worthy of our title. So read on to find our pick of the best Mummy bloggers…

Life According to Mrs Shilts

Emma Shilton or ‘Mrs Shilts’ as she calls herself online – is a Midlands based Mum of one – a little boy, born in 2013. Married to schoolteacher Mr Shilton, she works in Human Resources 4 days a week. Fortunately, since 2008, she’s also taken the time to write her blog. It’s a good thing – Mrs Shilts is recognised as one of the most influential bloggers in her region.

Content is a mix of promotional product based reviews and all round useful parenting advice. So whether you’re looking for the upside on the latest stainless steel travel mug from Thermos or top tips for staying in a Hotel with children –  Mrs Shilts is worth a gander.

Spirited Puddle Jumper

Becky Evans (aka The Spirited Puddle Jumper) is mum to two (one of each) aged 4 & 3. She lives on the Kent/London border with her husband Adam.

A girl after our own heart – one of Becky’s great loves is vintage furniture – in her latest post she’s got plenty of decisions to make in on how to make the most of space. But it’s not all furniture, furniture, furniture – her blog posts are handily categorised under some key headings including  Crafts & Activities, Food, UK Adventures, Interiors and Life. What’s refreshing with Puddle Jumping is that it isn’t overtly commercial and any reviews seem genuine, rather than as the result of a product freebie or invite.

Hurrah for Gin

The sentiment of the title is one that resonates with parents everywhere. It might not be London specific (she’s based in Brighton – although that isn’t all that far), but if you get stuck in to Katie’s prose you’ll discover a witty take on all aspects of parenthood. It’s not just the honest and entertaining perspective on the world of raising a family – although that will inevitably raise a smile.

There’s some darn good advice in there too. Take this latest addition: Binning your kids artwork – Yay or Nay? If you’ve got sheets and sheets of dubious pre-school art on your fridge, hallway wall, wardrobe door or stashed in suitcase in your loft – then here are some rules to live by in deciding which should be sent to the great gallery in the sky (or the paper recycling wheelie bin at the end of the drive).

The Unmumsey Mum’s Guide to Motherhood.

Ok – firstly be warned. This is definitely unmumsey and comes with a language warning (most Mummy blogs seem to feature profanities at some point or another) so don’t visit if that offends you. But we’re grown ups and the content and observation is spot on. So much so that it’s very likely you’ll already have seen some Unmumsey content scrolling past on your Facebook timeline. Unmumsey also refuses the commercial incentive to review brands and products – other than those that she’s genuinely using in the day-to-day.

Devon based, but with UK-wide appeal (picking up on many quintessentially British topics) The Unmumsey Mum also writes for The Huffington Post – which goes some way to explaining the quality and creativity behind the name. The alternative Peppa Pig script has become a classic with the CBeebies set and is a great introduction to the Unmumsey world of motherhood – whilst Lesson 55: Surviving Soft Play is certain to strike a chord.

Not a Nottinghill Mum

She lives in Notting Hill , and she is a mum, but ‘Jane Austin’ (we believe that’s her pen name) manages to capture all the goodness and sophistication from West London without sounding in the least bit pretentious. It is, in fact, her raison d’être and the clue is in the title – a tongue in cheek approach that gives the snotty side of the Notting Hill Lifestyle a friendly kick in the pants.

It’s great fun too. A mooch round ‘Things They Say‘  will have you lolling to your screen, whilst some of the reviews are insightful and useful too.

Lashes and Little Ones

28 year old Alex from West London – mum to Ophelia and Arthur – has hosted her blog, Lashes and Little Ones, since 2012. It’s another balanced mix of observation, advice and product review. If you don’t mind some pointers to decent products, you should find Lashes and Little Ones a good source of inspiration for a wide range of mumsey topics – all neatly categorised so you can find them quickly. There’s Beauty (that’ll be the Lashes then), Little Ones (some great advice on a wide range of parenting skills) plus a whole range of bonus content around fashion and lifestyle.


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