Top Christmas Presents for Kids

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If you thought, having covered the top Christmas presents for Grown-ups that we weren’t going to take a gander at the even more important best children’s present wish-list for Crimbo 2015 – you’d have been wrong. Because here it is. The research is in, we’ve listened to the word on street (physical and virtual) and here are our top 10 picks for Children’s presents in 2015.

We’ve divided them by age group and gender – so there should be something for everyone.  

Girls 3 – 5 years

Despite Disney’s Frozen being a 2013 release, the craze for Elsa’s vocal ‘masterpiece’ shows no sign of abating. So if your DD is obsessed with the lead Character’s soundtrack of this modern Walt classic, then the Frozen sing-along with Elsa doll will help them release their inner diva.

It’s an intelligent karaoke machine that only plays one song. Elsa sings, but when she detects a voice joining in via the microphone, she cuts the lead vocal. We’re sure it’ll drive parents crazy, but as long as there’s a big beaming smile on their daughters face it’ll all be worth it.

Boys 3- 5 years

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1… Thunderbirds are GO!

The new CGI Thunderbirds TV Series is introducing a whole new generation of youngster’s to the world-saving Tracey family and their clever Island. Your DS can have his very own interactive Tracey Island that’s a bit more sophisticated than the one made of loo-rolls that Blue Peter did back in the 1993.

It’s one of 2015’s must-haves and features in the top 10 lists of all the major toy retailers. Complete with all the caverns and clever launchpads for your favourite Thunderbird machines. The vehicles are sold separately – but both are available from Toys R Us for £69.99 & £29.99 respectively.

Girls 6 – 9 years

For girls that like to get creative and are budding stylists, then the Play-Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Salon Playset might be the place to start. The name is far more complex than than the toy – which brings the fun of Play-doh (who remembers the Play-doh Mop Top Hair Shop?) together with the hugely successful My Little Pony.

You DD will be able spend hours decorating their cute equestrian friend’s mane, tail, forelock, and, er, wings (it must be a magic Pony). It’s also great value – available from Amazon for just £12.12.

Boys 6 – 9 years

If you’ve got boys who are dinosaur mad, but want to take their passion for palaeontology further than those mighty roaring creatures – then the Fossil Hunter activity box is the perfect introduction. They don’t have to be at University to learn the geological basics. This kit contains at least 9 real fossils, buried in gravel. All they have to do is find and identify them – along with the geological timescale in which they inhabited earth.

As well as a set of cards explain each fossil, there’s also tweezers and a hand lens so they can see them up close. Who knows where it will take them, maybe one day they’ll be presenting the next BBC Natural History blockbuster.

Valuable from What’s on the High Street, the Junior Geo box is £14.99.

Girls 10 – 13 years

With One Direction calendar’s being more than a bit 2014, the question of what to get a pre-teen daughter is a very tricky one this year. Well, being as girls like getting together and having a laugh, then the Pie-Face game from Hasbro could well be a hit. The concept is simple – it a Russian Roulette game played with whipped cream, a wet sponge or shaving foam on the Pie lever. Contestants take turns to put their head through the mask and turn the handle – until one unlucky participant gets a faceful.

We don’t thing anyone will tire of seeing their besties pie-faced and at £19.99 from Toys R Us  they should get a lot of laughs per pound.

Boys 10 – 13 years

With the force about to awaken, Star Wars is going to be right up there as the present of choice for many pre-teen fellas. Lego is usually up there too. And when the two come together you just know the toys will be blockbuster.

The Millennium Falcon is always a favourite and the Lego incarnation has been updated to Force Awakens spec – complete with grey haired Han Solo. At£118.99 from Amazon it isn’t cheap, but you will have a quiet Christmas Day as they spend their morning putting it together.

Girls 14 – 16 years

Probably the hardest gender/age-range of children to pick a present for, one option is gift cards or credit for a digital or app store of preference.

John Lewis have organised their online store into a category specifically to help you. How about a state of the art GHD dry and wave set hair styling set – as every girl likes to look her best – available for £195, because they’re worth it.

Boys 14 – 16 years

When it comes to teenage boys, you can’t really go wrong with something for the games console. There’s a lot to spend money on these days. From extra controllers so they can play with their mates in the room to online subscriptions so they can play with their mates over the internet.

Then there’s games – whether that’s a clutch of the latest releases: Forza 6 or Project Cars for the racers, FIFA 16 for the Football mad or Call of Duty Black Ops III (it’s a Pegi 12) for the battle hungry or Minecraft story mode for adventurers – there’s plenty to choose from – or you could opt for a gift card.

And if you need somewhere to keep it all safe and out of the way until Christmas Eve one of our storage units could be the perfect place: We are open during the festive season up to 3pm on Christmas Eve.

Whatever you decide to get them for Christmas – we’re sure they’ll appreciate it and we hope you have a wonderful time.


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