Is Try January The New Dry January?

Dry Jan

January is associated with new beginnings and resolutions, so for many, this involves cutting down on a beverage or treat that has been over indulged over the last year. For a number of people, the guilty pleasure we speak of is alcohol, and so ‘Dry January’ began.

As a result, UK pubs were emptied of their regular drinkers, adding to the gloomy atmosphere already associated with the New Year and winter weather. However, a new resolution began in 2016 as pubs decided to hit back and show the good people of Great Britain, January doesn’t have to be dull, and instead people should embrace new things.

With many customers traditionally shunning the pub throughout the first month of the year, ‘Try January’ aimed to get them back for a month of experimental food and drink. For those who class themselves as ‘foodies’, ‘Try January’ was the perfect opportunity to take this label seriously by trying new, delicious and unusual dishes.

The campaign proved to be a huge success as people embraced the hash tag #TryJanuary and one business even decided to create an app for the campaign, which gave users a different cocktail everyday throughout January for only £5 – After works drinks just got interesting. However, it wasn’t all cocktails and jazzy umbrellas, some of the more unusual dishes included:

Gallo Pinto – To kick start the day bright and early, people dived straight in with a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. Consisting of rice, black beans, scrambled eggs and a tortilla, the morning meal is healthy, inexpensive and perfect for vegetarians. For an enhanced taste, add fried banana and avocado, to neutralise the slightly salted rice. If beans and rice aren’t the most appealing choice at 8am, it may be worth sticking with porridge and starting the food adventure at midday.

Dry Jan 2

For lunch, people tucked into a famous Danish Smørrebrod – essentially an ‘open faced sandwich’. Starting with a thick, fresh slice of Danish rugbrød; a heavy bread consisting of seeds and grains. If you’re thinking of trying it, layer it with a combination of toppings, bringing out your inner Nigella to present artistically. Some popular toppings, including, fish fillets, sliced potatoes, pickled beetroot, onions, horseradish and sliced pork (not necessarily in that order or all together, but that’s not to say it can’t be done).

Moving on to dessert, the mouth – watering ‘Dulce de leche’, proved to be South American caramel dream. With a thick, gloopy consistency, it is perfect for cake fillings and toppings, however here at ABC, we feel it works best as a guilty chocolate mousse or cheesecake, and if we’re already indulging, why not add a scoop of ice cream?

January may be nearly over but there is always next year as we’re guessing it will be back bigger and better than ever and with a whole host of global dishes waiting to be experienced. You certainly won’t be short of choice and who knows, it could be the start of a new lifestyle.