Is your Business set to take off in 2016?

Business. It can be properly tough. Especially here in London. Competition is fierce, margins are tight and there are never enough hours in the day. Globalisation and the internet have changed the face of doing business and the need to be clever with costs has never been more critical.

If you’re a successful business that’s growing and deals in physical things, your local business storage solution will almost certainly be a factor that allows for – or limits – that growth. But it really doesn’t need to.

If you need to find business self storage that can grow, and grow, and grow – as your business begins starts to walk, jog, run and sprint – read on. This one’s for you…


London’s a crowded place. Both to live and do business. And here – almost more than anywhere else in England – space is expensive. Which means that just breaking even in this fair capital of ours is a tough challenge, so you have to be smart with your business expenses. The traditional way for a business to have a premises is to rent office space. But rental agreements usually last for 6 months minimum – usually 12, and if you’re tied in to a contract it doesn’t leave you any wriggle room to expand (or shrink) if you need to.

But the traditional way of ensuring your business has enough space has changed. You no longer have to tie yourself in to long-term contracts. Finding business storage in London is almost as simple and flexible as booking a hotel room.

Whether you need a small locker for your fledgling business, or company storage for your soon-to-conquer-the-world corporate empire, self storage is the most cost effective and flexible solution.

The buzzword in business at the moment is scalability. It’s about being able to react to your situation quickly. To expand, to contract, to fit market needs. For some that might mean having flexible space to store retail stock, or supplies for the next big trade job, whilst for some it might simply be somewhere to keep archived paperwork.


For scalability to work, you also need flexibility. Long term rents don’t allow for that, but London business storage does. By renting a storage unit you’ll be able to get extra space at the literal drop of a hat (or a box of hats), or reduce your space in the twinkling of an eye.

Well, you can here at ABC Selfstore’s London business storage because you’ll only pay for the days you stay, and you’ll only pay for the square footage of your unit. Need more space? Just ask and we’ll be happy to rent you more space in a larger unit. Need to shrink a bit and save money? We can reduce your square footage to suit (or you can even move out altogether) at no notice.

You could liken our business storage solutions in London to a pair of lungs. Expanding and contracting, allowing your business to breathe. Keeping the vital organs oxygenated.

We’ve got some tasty little sweeteners too – like Free Van Hire to get your stuff to store, and you’ll be able to reclaim the VAT. Discover the full details of our business storage in London on our main Business Storage Solutions page.


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