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It’s the time of year when we’re all fmoving into self storageired up to do more, eat less and curb our drinking and for many January also means decluttering – metaphorically in our lives and physically in our homes. One way of freeing up space in the household is to get extra space by renting some London self storage.

But if your new to it, choosing your self storage provider can be a bit of a minefield. Here at ABC Selfstore we like to keep things nice and simple. No smoke and mirrors with complicated offers. No confusing terms and conditions that leave you out of pocket when you move out. Just cheap self storage for London delivered with our unique brand of super friendly service, care and attention.

We try hard to be amongst the cheapest storage in London – but we don’t scrimp on the important things. If you’re saying to yourself ‘You would say that’ hear us out – in this blog we’ll look at how to compare storage, and make the case for why you should choose ABC Selfstore.

There are lots of storage companies in London. It makes sense. There’s a lot of people crammed into tiny flats and apartments, none of whom quite have a enough space. So they need somewhere to keep the belongings. There are also plenty of business people who need space for stock, paperwork, tools, supplies and other hardware. But what makes great storage companies in London stand out from the rest?

Quality of Facilities

Self Storage units

You’ll find a huge range of storage facilities in London – ranging from the sort of backstreet lockup rented from some guy known only as ‘Gaz the Garage’ – to state of the art secure centres like ours – that have 24hr access, key code entry and round-the clock CCTV. A backstreet lockup might suit you. But for most a dry, secure – and above all safe – storage unit will be the order of the day.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Whilst cash in hand will probably be the order of the day with Gaz the Garage, most professional storage companies bill in advance in four weekly blocks. Check the terms – because they could stipulate a minimum charge of one week’s rental. that means that when you come to move out you won’t be refunded for any

With us we’ll refund each and every day that you’ve not used, plus we require absolutely no notice if you decide to move out. The standard notice period is one week, meaning you’ll pay for that, plus – if you’re on a 1 week minimum term – any additional days you might not be using.

Price Promise Guarantees

price promise

All the big storage companies offer some form of price promise or guarantee. The critical bit with them is to ensure you’re comparing link-for-like. As we’ve outlined above – once you’ve delved into the small print you’ll find that things like minimum term and notice periods before move out all affect the real price you’ll pay. That’s where you’ll find the ABC Selfstore Price Promise stands up.


Free Van Hire (and other perks)

What perks do you get with storage. It might be as simple as free coffee, tea and biscuits, but it could run to something juicy like Free Van Hire to get your stuff to store. We offer both. Plus FreeWifi so you can be in when you’re out without going bust on your data allowance.

Customer Service, Friendly Staff

Customer service

You might want to pop to your storage unit with the precision and stealth of a special forces operation, or you might want to chew the fat over coffee and a chat at the reception desk. At ABC we don’t recruit anybody. We pick our people for their friendly disposition and attention to detail. One conversation had, or a problem solved can make all the difference between a good day and a great day. See what our customers think of the way we do things.

Above all we’re Family Run and 100% independent – you won’t find any faceless corporate nonsense in our neck of the woods (that’s Camden, Southwark or Wandsworth just in case you were wondering.).


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