Where to stop, for a bag drop in London.

Baggage. Ain’t it a drag (no, we don’t mean those cases on wheels that have a mind of their own). We mean the whole faff of having to haul your bags around a big city.  Call it what you will – luggage, baggage, suitcases, backpack, rucksack, holdall – getting around London with this stuff weighing you down is not a great experience. 95 times out of a hundred you’ll be leaving it at your hotel whilst you see the sights. But what do you do if you’re spending a day in the capital and don’t have the luxury of a bag drop in your accommodation?

Lockers at Camden

There are some options on where to stop, for a bag drop in London. So, like all the best luggage, allow us to expand a little… 

If you’re visiting London with baggage you’ll want to move around our capital freely, so you’ll need somewhere to leave your luggage. The obvious option is your Hotel. That’s fine if it’s a big swanky establishment with a concierge, where you can drop your bags off pre-check in or post check-out and leave them in storage. But if it’s a small budget guest house you’re staying in that option might not be available.  Which leaves you in a conundrum – what to do with the bags? Here’s our Secret Agent’s guide on where to secure bags around London…

It’s a drag…

You could decide to drag those bags around with you whilst seeing the sights. But big cases and London Transport don’t mix. You’ll need to be as ripped as Sylvester Stallone in his early Rocky years for the continual hopping-on/hopping-off required to see the landmarks that London has to offer.

The Station Drop

Most of the major terminus stations in London offer left-luggage services. But beware, if you’ve saved money on your accommodation (which is why you might need the bag-drop) you’ll have to pay for the convenience of station based services. They’re per-bag and tend to cost more for the first 24hrs. For example – just 3 bags from 1pm – 9pm would cost you £33 at Paddington Station. Plus, any unused time periods are non-refundable – so any time ‘buffer’ you build in to accommodate delays in getting back to pick it up – will cost you.

Undercover Storage

If you’re prepared to forgo a little convenience, then a self storage locker might be a cost effective answer. You’ll have to get from the station to the storage centre – but you’ll be able to put all your bags into it at a fraction of the cost of on station storage. If you’re travelling in a party the savings get bigger. You will have to pay by the day, but you should still be saving over those mainline services.

Find out more about our left luggage storage lockers – a cheaper alternative to traditional left luggage services.