How to Get Into Self Storage, literally

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Self storage. It’s a simple concept. You pay to rent space where you can store things. But despite that simplicity, we’re more than aware that it can seem a little daunting if you’re thinking of venturing into the world of storage units for the first time. So, because we like to be as helpful as possible – we’ve created this special blog entry just for that purpose. Here then is our first-timers guide to booking a storage unit with ABC Selfstore…

You’ll be relived that we resisted (it was hard, but we managed it) the opportunity to label our steps A – B – C. So they simply start with “Step 1′. Thing is, you could roll them all together and do the whole shooting match in one go (one big step) – in fact, the whole thing will probably take you less than 5 minutes.

Step 1 – work out how much space you need

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Storage space is a funny thing. 9 times out of 10 people overestimate just how much they need. Don’t forget that in a storage unit you can use the height and you’re not arranging living space. So you can stack, stack, stack. We’ve got some handy online advice that will help you work out just how much you need, or you can phone us or drop in to speak to one of our friendly team at one of our stores in Southwark, Camden or Wandsworth. When it comes to helping you understand just how much square footage you’ll need, they’re like the Special Forces, or Ninja Warriors.

There’s a big benefit to getting it right. It’s very likely you’ll end up needing less space than you originally thought. And – like all self storage companies – we charge by the square foot. Which means it’ll save you money.

Step 2 – Make an enquiry

Once you know how much space you’ll need, you’ll want to be sure the size of unit you need is available. Chances are it will be, but you can use our online booking tool to check, or you can call your nearest store and speak to one of the aforementioned storage Ninjas.


Step 3 – Reserve Your Storage Unit

Self Storage units

Making a booking to reserve your storage unit is lovely and simple too – and you don’t even have to part with any money. We won’t start taking payment until the day you move in, so if there’s any uncertainty over when you might need your unit (a house move for example).

If you know the date you’ll be needing your unit from (or likely to be needing it from) then you can pop in, call us or use the online booking tool to make your reservation.

Step 4 – Moving in

unpacking for self storage

Move in day is the day you take control of your storage unit. It’s when we’ll complete all the paperwork (your storage and insurance contracts) and issue you with your passcode/keycard so you can start making the most of your new space. It’s also the day we’ll start billing you from. Of course, it’s something you’ll need to be in store to do. So if we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you up until that point – we’ll make sure we put the kettle on (we’ve got free refreshments in reception).

So, if you do need self storage space in London it’s as easy as A – B – C… gaaaah! We went the whole blog without saying it and then tripped over ourselves at the end.


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