How to have a Super, Super Bowl 50

Hot on the heels of our Where to play American Football in London theme is a blog more of you will be interested in. This is the one where we look at where to watch it. Great venues for a fun night out. Whether you’re looking for something ‘traditional’ – such as drinking Bud, sharing a massive basket of barbecue chicken wings and eating huge Hamburgers – or something more unique, (like a pool party with cheerleaders) here’s our pick of wonderful ways to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday February 7th…  

The Super Bowl event is something of an American sports institution. It’s the most watched single event in their sporting calendar, but whilst – like most American institutions – it hasn’t been around as long as some equivalent European events, it does celebrate 50 years in 2016. And – as we Londoners will use just about any sporting event as an excuse to head to a bar showing an event – Super Bowl 50 will be on near you. Albeit ending at 3am. So where’s good to go?

We’ll start with the one you can’t have. Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner (the unlikely restaurant child of Marco Pierre-White and Frankie Dettori) has sold out. But it’s worth a mention for the sheer authentic Stateside-ness of it. Nestled in a little place called Stamford Bridge, Frankie’s is Chelsea’s American sports bar, with a burger menu any San Francisco Bay Area (that’s where Super Bowl 50 is taking place) resident would be proud of. Anyway. You can’t have that. So what can you have?

Belushi’s – is another classic American Diner. Their burger menu is just as impressive as Frankie’s – the Belushi’s classic sounds divine. They’re showing the Super Bowl too, and with Giant HD screens you can be sure you won’t miss any of the action. And with Booking from £5 it doesn’t come with the Chelsea premium. You’ll find branches of Belushi’s in Camden and Southwark.   You’ll be able to play Beer Pong as well.

If you’d like your Super Bowl with added swim, The Aquarium Club in Shoreditch is the place to go. It’s made a name for itself as one of London’s most unique night clubs, which is hardly surprising, as not many other night clubs feature a swimming pool! The event at The Aquarium will have 10 big screens and 2 projectors – so you won’t have any excuse to miss any of the action. Unless you’ve popped fro a swim/soak in the hot tub that is). It is also set to feature one of London’s leading cheerleading groups The Komarni Cheerleaders (to see them in action on YouTube, click this link).

We’re not sure what it entails, but you’ll also be able to compete at Water Quarterback in the pool between 7 & 10pm. Plus, of course, you can also expect to be able to try your hand at beer pong.

Find out more over on The Aquarium’s website.

If you’re down in our Wandsworth neck of the woods (accepting that you’re probably more interested in the Rugby – a real man’s game – that’s about to descend on Twickenham) you might be feeling left out. Don’t worry though. The Twickenham branch of Riley’s Sports Bar are hosting an event (OK, it’s Richmond, but it isn’t far). Expect the usual North American themed beer and food.

If it’s more about the night out than the game, you’ll probably be at least as interested in the half-time entertainment. The world’s biggest stars have graced the stage at the Super Bowl over the years. Some made famous by the quality of performance, others infamous (Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and M.I.A. flipping the bird to the watching world – to name a couple) by thing going a little wrong. For the Golden Bowl, the line up is stellar. Some act called Beyonce will be supporting a small group from the UK called Coldplay. Oh, and a fella called Bruno Mars will be singing as well. So it should be good.

One thing that does confuse us though. If there are four quarters, what do they do during the intervals between the other two? Whatever you decide to do for the Super Bowl, have a super time.


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