The Slippery Slope to Ski Success

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Snowflakes (enough to ski on) may not have hit the ground in the UK yet, but for some countries, snow is falling thick and fast. So for those who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to winter and want to try something new, a ski holiday with family, friends or a partner is the ideal getaway. Whether you’re ‘Eddie The Eagle’ or a complete beginner, skiing is enjoyable for everyone. However, prior to the trip there is a check list that may need ticking off to ensure ski success.

First and foremost, purchasing ski clothing prior to the holiday is essential. A ski jacket, salopettes, gloves and goggles are enough to make even the most novice of skiers look professional, although unfortunately, the skills speak for themselves.

Whilst purchasing the industry’s finest fashion, don’t forget to add insurance to the checklist. No amount of style can prevent falls and a good insurance will ideally cover all winter sports for any accidental ventures.

For those taking personal equipment, such as helmets, make sure it meets safety requirements. If the helmet has been worn during a past fall or collision, replace it. A minor fall can have a major impact on a helmet, reducing the protection it offers. It’s a small price to pay for what is ultimately, a piece of life-saving equipment.


The key to a successful ski holiday largely relies on practice. With an array of indoor ski slopes situated within driving distance of London, there’s no shortage of machine churned snow to practice ski moves, including the ‘landing technique’, aka, how to fall gracefully. Before heading abroad, master the ‘snow plough’, (not the mechanical device mounted on to vehicles to clear ice), the simple method which allows skiers to move at a controlled speed.

It’s also useful to learn the basics of the skiing lingo before the holiday commences. From parallel to cross country skiing, revision of key terminology is essential to understanding the instructor. A term which most skiers have no trouble in remembering, although it’s a mystery why, is ‘après-ski’; a term which refers to eating and drinking once the skiing day is finished (we said it was a mystery).

Skiing doesn’t have to be restricted to professionals and remember, everyone was a beginner at one point. Obviously you may feel inclined to have an expert join you on the trip – an invitation ABC Selfstore is happy to accept. See you on the slopes!


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