Valentine’s, Done Differently

Colorful Candy Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – the day when lovers all over the western world show their affection for each other. With cards, flowers (preferably red roses), chocolates, meals out and other special treats. Valentine’s day has certainly become a bit of a consumer fest.

Now whilst those goodies are all nice and enjoyable, they’re also a tad predictable. Love thrives on spontaneity and surprise, so it’s understandable if you feel that a predictable Valentine’s is heading into hum-drum territory. Never fear – ABC’s here to help. We’ve trawled the unorthodox, examined the oddball and even discovered some new and quirky ways to celebrate Valentine’s day… 

Breakfast and other simple acts

Valentine’s day is as much about doing things for each other, as it is offering gifts. Making Breakfast in bed is an old favourite – starting the day as you mean to go on and setting the tone.  How about this for a twist to the toast: the I Love You stamp. Press it onto the bread pre-toasting and you’ll be rewarded with Toast that tells the love of your life just how you feel.

Or you might be thinking that a surprise Valentine’s day champagne is in order whilst you stroll by the river at lunchtime. But how do you keep preparations secret? How about the Pocket Plonk Pop-up wine glass and a bladder pack for your champagne.

How about a floral bouquet of a different sort? A bunch of Carrots, some Tops of Kale or a Tree of Broccoli might not seem like romantic gesture – but you can do a lot more with it that simply stick it in a vase to look nice. You can prepare a really lovely meal. If you and your sweetheart really want to please each other, how about a game of ready steady coo? One of you buys a £5 surprise bag of ingredients – and the other creates something spectacular for dinner.

Experiences (of a Lifetime)

view of a london bus with the big ben in background

Life is all about experience. Our best moments aren’t what we own, they’re when we’re doing something and having fun. The consumer world has cottoned on, so you can pretty much buy any experience ‘off the shelf’ these days. You’ll know what your other half loves, so you’ll be able to pick just the right event for them.

If you’re looking for something a little more original, how about going tourist in London. If you think you know London – because you live there – think again. There’s a lot more to our fair capital than meets the eye. So how about playing at being loved up tourists? We’d suggest a Big Bus tour, which will guide you round all of London’s sights and features a live commentary – so you can even ask questions.

Personalised Gifts and Gadgets

Personalisation is everywhere these days. From 500,000 combinations of options on new cars to a tee-shirt featuring a design you put together on your phone – pretty much everything can be personalised. It’s no different with Valentine’s Day gifts.

Maybe a book of love – where you choose the pages for personal account of why you love your Valentine would go down well.

Or if your fella or lady is hooked on the beautiful game (that’s football), then perhaps a personalised history of their favourite team? It’s cunningly told in newspaper headlines – so whether they support Leicester City or Aston Villa – they’ll love learning the history of their side. Of course, you could take it to the next level and present it to them at an actual game, on Valentine’s Day, over a romantic Pie and a Pint.

Finally, we all love our iDevices right? Especially the Apple ones. So how about an “iLove” phone cover? It’s a clever re-work of the Apple logo into a heart shape, and features the words “iLove [Insert the love of your life’s name here]” where it normally says iPhone. Get a pair – so every time you or they pick up their phone you’ll be reminded of your better half.

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a lovely, loving time.