Easter – Time for New Starts

Chocolate Eggs are crammed on the shelves everywhere. Confection Bunnies peer out out of bargain baskets in supermarket aisles as if they were observing from the safety of a hillside warren and there are seasonal specials on a whole range of treats – from cards, chocolate to wine and flowers. Which means it is time for another consumer fest, where we’re drawn in to buying large amounts of confection. And will probably end up feeling just a little bit sick.

Of course, there’s a faith based celebration that’s got trampled beneath all the commercial hype. It’s ultimately a theme of new beginnings – which is why the egg is such an apt symbol. So for our March newsletter we felt we’d indulge some ideas for how you could change things in your life for the better. If the daily grind has been getting you down, here are some suggestions for your own personal ‘lifestyle resurrection’:

Try a new sport or activity

British Athletes are doing well and inspiring people across a huge range of sports. From Snowy slopes and ice tracks, to racing circuits for horses, bicycles, cars and people – the UK is on a bit of a roll with a crop of sports people that are truly world class. Since 2012 it seems to have been motivating the British public. So the 2012 Olympic promise of the nation getting inspired is being realised.

The BBC Get Inspired mini site can help you find and choose something get out and try.

If you’re in Southwark, you can choose from all sorts including cycling, karate or even the men’s rollerskating derby. To see the full list click here.

Wandsworthonians can enjoy – amongst other things – Riverside Running, The Easy Peasy Skate, and British Cycling’s Battersea Breeze cycle run. Find out more here.

Whilst you lucky Camden people can pick from Jiu-Jitsu, the Japanese art of Shorinji Kempol (Fitness, Mindfulness and Self Defence) or – if you’re between 5 & 11 – Junior Mavericks FC football sessions. Get the full lowdown on what’s available in Camden here.

Start volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to help others and make a difference in the world. You’ll get that ultimate satisfaction that you’ve done something really worthwhile and you’ll get the chance to make a whole bunch of new friends. There’s a vast range of things you could help with. From community or environmental projects to activities that directly help people less fortunate, the list is long.

A terrific resource for discovering the latest opportunities – and tailoring them to your skill sets – is the Do-It website. There’s a great search feature for narrowing down the geographic location and opportunities based on your skill sets and preferences. If you can’t find a volunteering opportunity to suit you on Do-it, there probably isn’t one!

Take up a new hobby

It might be model making. It might be Knitting. It could be stamp, coin or tea towel collecting. Then again colouring books are all the rage at the moment. Taking up a new hobby could be something that changes your life and brings you back into the real world. The technology can still help you communicate with other people who are all enjoying the same hobby.

Take up a musical instrument

Got an inkling you might have a bit of a flair for tinkling the old ivories? Fancy windmilling your way round your living room in a Townsend-esque stylee whilst strumming out a Who classic? Or maybe some sympathetic strings are more your style?

Learning a musical instrument can be as therapeutic as it is exciting. Whether you’re working up to performing one day, or just satisfied that half an hour a night in the comfort of your bedroom is all that you need to find peace – you need to focus, so it’s a great way to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Budget permitting, travel broadens your horizons. If you can find more time to get away from it all it can make a huge difference to your wellbeing.  From weekend breaks to the English Countryside to jaunts to France or further afield – perhaps the promise of the Middle East. A rest in some different surroundings and cultures, or you could play travel roulette, get an old atlas and throw a dart at the map.

Or, if you’re looking for a destination that’s interesting and about as far away from it all as possible – the UK overseas territory of St. Helena in the Southern Atlantic has a new airport that opens in May 2016.

However you choose to make Easter your landmark, we hope the sun shines and it brings a little something extra to help you escape from the daily grind.


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