Making your own Easter inspired crafts


Spring is here and already stimulating our senses with blooming flowers, chirping birds and the temperature gauge rising. With the arrival of spring we can be certain Easter is not far behind, so what better way to celebrate than by creating of some wonderfully vibrant Easter crafts?

Synonymous with Easter is, of course, the Easter Bunny, Easter Chick and not forgetting the extremely popular Easter Egg. So, make yours an egg-cellent Easter and get crafty with our simple but effective ideas that inject plenty of additional colour and cheer.

Rubber Band Easter Eggs:

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the ever popular Easter egg. We all love to hate overindulging in our favourite chocolaty egg shaped delight, however this Easter why not inject some Easter magic into the humble boiled egg. With some simple store cupboard favourites you can perform a magical transformation. All you need is hardboiled eggs, rubber bands, white vinegar and food colouring.


1. Mix your food colouring with warm water and a splash of vinegar.

2. Take your rubber bands and wrap around the eggs in a design of your choice.

3. Dip the egg in your dye until the desired colour is achieved and then let it dry before removing the rubber bands.

4. You can leave the egg as it is or using a new set of rubber bands you can further your design by dipping the egg in a new color.

5. Let the egg dry whilst you continue to dye additional eggs in varying colours and striped patterns.

Pom-pom Easter Chicks:

Easter Chicks, those miniature balls of yellow fluff that melt the heart of millions, can now be part in your Easter celebrations. Start by making two basic yellow pom-poms, one smaller than the other as a head and body.

Pom-pom making skills are normally passed through the generations, however if you missed out follow this step-by-step guide (courtesy of Bernat Yarns). Be sure to make one larger than the other, for the head and body respectively.

1. Once you’ve made your two yellow pom-poms, attach one to the other with a little glue. Allow to dry.

2. Stick sequins onto the face to look like eyes.

3. Cut two feet shapes and a beak out of the orange coloured cardboard and glue into place.



Envelope Easter Bunnies:

Finally, we can’t draw things to a close without mentioning the Easter Bunny. A great way say ‘Happy Easter’ is with paper envelope bunnies, bearing treats of course! Follow these instructions to make the perfect Easter bunny:


1. Choose a 4 by 6 inch envelope. The colour of envelope you use will determine the colour of your bunny. Lick the seal on the envelope. Press it shut.

2. Turn the envelope so that it is in portrait position with the sealed opening to the back.

3. Draw your bunny ears onto the top of the envelope. You will want to use about two thirds of the envelope for this.

4. Cut the ears out of the top of your envelope. You will need to cut through both layers of the envelope to form bunny ears on both sides. Discard the extra paper.

5. Decorate your bunny envelope with features such as a nose, ears and eyes. You can draw these on or use stickers, sequins or other coloured card cut to shape.

6. Finally, use shredded paper to stuff your envelope (green works well to represent grass) and stuff with your favourite treats.


What are you waiting for? Hop to it and get creative this Easter!


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