Moving House – Self Storage is a Super-hero

The dark winter nights are gone – at least until the autumn – which, if you’re selling your house, means one thing – it could be moving time! It’s probably a logical phenomenon, given the lengthening days, but estate agents across the UK will tell you that things begin to pick up on the house sales and moving front as spring kicks in.

But just when you’ll actually exchange – and the physical move will take place – is getting harder than ever to pin down these days. There are so many things that can postpone move-day at the eleventh hour and more rules and regulations for buildings than you can shake a plumbers wrench at. Whether it is someone else in the chain getting cold feet, searches on the property not coming back or just that the money has’t come through in time. Then there’s the Moving Day itself – will all of your contents make it from A to B in one piece?

It’s a scary time, and you can feel a bit in limbo whilst it is happening. And that’s where Self Storage can be a bit of a super-hero, providing some form of safety and continuity whilst your move takes place. Here’s why…

When a house move is on the cards, everything can seem in turmoil. There’s so much to do and so many things to think about. There’s lots of paperwork and people to deal with across the selling, legal and financial fronts. But ultimately, the biggest headaches comes with the logistics of moving the contents of your home from one physical space to another. As timings are often difficult to pin down (all sorts of things can mean plans change for the day you’ll actually move) you need to keep things flexible.

You’ll have things that are fragile, things that are sentimentally important and things that might be valuable in a monetary sense. If you’re nervous about entrusting those things to the in-laws garage, a removals company, the boot of your car or simply that they might get lost or broken during the move – then a storage unit is an alternative solution that’s worth considering.

Space ‘n’ Base

Renting a self storage unit for a few weeks before and after the move date gives you a place and a base where you can store all that stuff safely. Whether it’s paperwork, documents, a box of personal items such as photographs, furniture, or the vintage cutlery set you got as a wedding gift.

The best bit about a storage unit during the process of a house move is that you can still access all the stuff that you’ve put into store. So if you find yourself in need of the a copy of the Household Insurance Policy Schedule, you’ll be able to nip in and pick it up. It might not be that easy if your stuff is in the in-laws garage a 3/4 of an hour drive away. Or in deep storage with the removal company, where you often have to pay extra to get access to your things.

For as long or as short a time you need

A storage unit is also a great space to have when there’s a lot of uncertainty over your move date. There’s no timeframe that you have to be be in – or out – for. Plus, if you have one with us at least – you’ll only ever pay for the days you stay. When the happy time has come that you’re completely settled in to the new home and you no longer need your storage unit, we’ll refund any days you’ve paid for but not used from the day you move out. No extra bills for part weeks or notice periods.

If you’ve got a house move on the cards in the next few months, you can find out availability for our storage units and make a booking right away – on our main website,  you can phone one of our stores or even better – pop in – and speak to a member of or friendly team.


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