A different Flat feeling once your finals are over…


For final year students, this time of the year is about as stressful as it gets. With of exams looming, tensions are rising to get the revision in and do well. A couple of weeks back we looked at how to make sure you take the right type and amount of downtime during revision. It might not seem like it now, but there will come a time once the exams have been sat which will be the best weeks of your student life. Quality time in the summer sun, having fun and chilling out with your University pals.

Then it will be time to pack up your student digs and head out on a new life adventure. Which means you’ll need to think about moving all your belongings from campus to wherever you’re headed. The summer will undoubtedly be a period of limbo whilst you wait for your results – but if you’re staying put in your University town, here’s our guide to setting up a new home.


Once their studies have concluded, many students head back to Mum and Dad’s for a summer job and endless rounds of application form filling for the real world of work – hoping to land something with a decent salary and lots of scope for career progression. For others the very thought of returning to their home town and putting their independence on hold will fill them with dread, and for some, life circumstances might mean it simply won’t be an option at all. If you’re in the staying put camp – you might be looking for new accommodation that is less studenty and more grown up. That might mean more expensive, but it will also mean you’ll need to think of:

Furnished or Unfurnished?

Student accommodation tends to come fully furnished. If you’re moving out of student digs into a swanky new flat you’ll need a few grand to spare to furnish it and make it your own. If you are going unfinished and are on a tight budget, there’s always eBay or Gumtree. Alternatively, charity shops are a great bet. Yes, you’re unlikely to have matching bedroom furniture (although it isn’t unheard of), but it will cost a fraction of the price of buying all new furniture.


London is a busy place. You’re never too far from a railway or a Police siren, which is why quiet back streets tend to be more expensive than major thoroughfare’s. You might already know the area you are settling in really well, but it’s worth checking out the neighbours all the same.

So when you go and view try and make it at a time when the neighbours will be in, mid-evening is a great time. If you can’t view it at such a time, go and have a wander round outside at a later date. You should get a feeling for whether there’s unacceptable noise or loud music. It’s worth the little extra effort – because there’s nothing worse than moving in a your dream flat, only to find you’ve got the neighbours from hell.


You might be upping the hours on the part-time job you had to finance your post-student life, you may have kept a bit in reserve from your student loan, you may be being financed by the Bank of Mum & Dad – or if you’re really lucky – you might have landed that perfect step on the ladder towards the career of your dreams. It’s really tempting to go for a smart flat, but beware the expense. Make sure you budget for it.

You might be looking at a 2 bed place – so you have enough storage for all your stuff. If that’s the case (and if you don’t need a spare room for occasional visitors), look at the difference in price between that and a one bed apartment. It’s very likely in London that you’ll find it’s far cheaper to get yourself a storage unit.

We can help with the storage of course. So if you find yourself in need of some extra space to keep stuff, whether that’s because you’re off on travels, or moving to a new place on a budget, you can check prices and book online or give one of our stores a call.