Britain’s Got Talent – Acts that Haven’t Happened Yet.

The tenth (yes tenth!!) series of Britain’s Got Talent got underway on Saturday. For those that watch, it’s become one of the nation’s staple conversations for the first part of the following week. I’m sure yesterday, in many workplaces all over the country you heard the likes of;  

“Did you see that dance troupe – they were something else” 

“That singing dog was a bit naff and how bad was the guy with the home made instruments?”

“Simon was well mean to that 40-something singing dad from Bournemouth.”

Now we could give you a review of the opening night. Some pointers to the acts that caught the public’s imagination and would be a good bet for the final. But everyone is doing that. And you’ll know by now that here at ABC Selfstore we like to be a bit different (granted, normally that’s with the best customer service and terms and conditions that are better than anyone else’s).

So, we figured we might look at some original creativity for acts that haven’t happened yet. Some concepts for any souls who are thinking ‘that should be me’ and already wondering when the entry forms will be out for BGT 2017. We’d have to look at how to progress the act though – the element of surprise only works for etc live auditions.

Here then, straight from ABC Selfstore’s Office of Mad Ideas, are our thoughts on Britain’s Got Talent acts that haven’t happened yet… 

Chainsaw Ice Sculpting

To carry this one off you’ll need to be good at:  1 – sculpting, 2 – using a chainsaw, 3 – creativity at short notice.

Round 1: Two ‘ordinary blokes’ (or lasses) appear on stage. Behind them are two sizeable blocks of Ice. After a bit of banter with the judges they reveal two chainsaws. Music kicks in and each proceeds to carve these ice blocks into caricatures of their two favourite judges, not including Simon. Cue some post-performance banter with the two judges who have not been carved out…

Round 2: Our two ordinary blokes (or lasses) appear on stage next to two blocks of ice, one of which has two smaller ones next to it. They proceed to carve the remaining two judges out of ice – this time including Simon – the two smaller blocks are carved into Cowell’s dogs – Squiggly and Diddly – who seem to be becoming a theme for 2016.

Live Final: One big block of ice. Our performers take time to ask their favourite judge to think of an object. They then proceed to carve the object out in front of the audience’s eyes. With a bit of artistic license – it could of course be linked to the Royal Family – a model of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or another Royal Landmark. Maybe these guys could do it:

Ultra Violet Squash Ball Extravaganza?

We’ve had football skills specialists – you know the sort of thing – keepie-uppie with lots and lots of bells on. But what about other sports? Maybe Squash could be combined with Ultra Violet lighting and blacked out stage, the balls covered in Ultraviolet paint and then some clever movement set to music. Like this – only less of a game, more of a display:

Formation BMX’ing

Britain has become a nation of cyclists. Since the escapades of Hoy, Wiggo and Pendleton we can’t get enough of two wheels. We’re hooked. We’ve had a single BMX’er on BGT before – 2011 featured  Joe Oakley, who wowed the audience with some pretty sensational tricks and reached the semi-final.

Now, whilst this may not make it to the final, how about a BMX formation cycle/trick display team? Combine what Joe is doing by 5… They arrive in V formation, 2 peel off and take a symmetrical high road, whilst the remaining three perform some ground based tricks. You’d have to have a red arrows style cross over – maybe from opposing ramps. Or BMX was too bulky – how about skateboards…

Of course, if you are a budding BGT entrant, you’ll need somewhere convenient to store your gear whilst you practice for the London audition. One of our storage units could be just the place. You’d be surprised how many people involved in the Entertainment business already store with us. Find out more on our main website.


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