Decluttering? Find the Value in your old stuff…

It seems everyone you talk to these days is struggling for space. Whether they own a 5 bedroom London ‘Mansion’ (as the Daily Mail like to describe a typical Georgian or Victorian town house these days), or a one bed flat – space is an issue – mainly because most of us like to hoard. In march we focussed on how to declutter responsibly. So for this follow up we thought we’d take look at how you might make a few quid from your declutter…

Made of Metal?

Metal prices aren’t what they were. Just look at the state the steel industry is in. But if you’ve got stuff made of metal that you’re going to throw out – it will still have some value. Depending on what the metal type is it would well be worth the effort of taking it to your local scrap dealer, rather than just dumping it at your local recycling centre. have a handy metal Prices tracker/calculator widget over on their website. So as long as you know your Ferrous from your non-Ferrous (that’s Iron based/non-iron based) you’ll be able to select the type of metal you’ve got to recycle – and see the price by weight. If you’re not in a hurry, you might watch to see when the price is rising so you make the most of favourable market conditions.

Children’s Toys

baby playing

When your brood moved on from Postman Pat and the Octonauts you probably stuck all their overpriced plastic toys in the loft. If you did you could be sitting on a little goldmine. Now they’re on the Xbox or Playstation what seems like 24/7 – there’s still a strong demand for many of the ‘big brand’ children’s TV characters. Either a National Children’s Trust (NCT) sale or the old faithful eBay are good places to see ‘job lots’ of character toys. So as long as there’s children’s telly and people are bringing generations of new viewers into the world, there’ll always be a second-hand market for toys associated with their favourite shows.


We put stuff away if the loft secretly hoping it will be worth something one day. At the back of our minds are those lucky people we’ve seen on the Antiques Roadshow who get to speak to an expert. From ceramics, textiles, trinkets The professional usually explores the history and provenance of the item, then explains, with a wry knowing grin, that their object has become rare and rather sought after. They’ll ask if it is insured, before dropping in a price that’s beyond the owner’s wildest dreams. Of course, they vow they’ll never sell it…  If you’ve got a box full of knick-knacks in your loft or storage room, it might be worth having a sort through and getting on google to see if any of it is worth anything. And if you’re not sure – here’s the Antiques Roadshow schedule – you never know, you might end up talking to an expert and act at being shocked by just how much your items is worth.

Stuff you want to keep

unpacking for self storage

But what if there’s still load of stuff you want to keep that you don’t have room for?  Well that’s where we can help. We’ve got self storage units that are ideal for storing all the stuff that’s too important in your life to throw out, but you don’t have room for in your home. From a small locker to a great big unit, at competitive prices and some of the most renowned customer service in the industry – we’re as good a storage provider as you’ll find (or so our customers tell us).



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